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It’s time you started getting somewhere.

We make adventures happen. Inspire others to dream. Our red, white and blue has always ignited in people a desire to get somewhere. But start your career with British Airways and you’ll see that the opportunities really are endless. Connections. Relationships. Knowledge. Different points of view. This is what makes our world go around. And it’s what can make yours expand. Because you don’t know how far you’ve travelled until you’ve arrived. One community, united in its diversity. That’s just how we’re made.

So help us connect Britain with the world and the world with Britain like no one else. And we’ll help you start getting somewhere.

Case Studies

  • Name: Klaudia
  • Role: Data Graduate
  • Joined: 2018

"Next on my list is Russia. I can’t wait."


5 years ago, I arrived in the UK unsure of my skills and barely able to speak English. It’s only by looking back that I'm able to understand how far I’ve come. Sometimes I can’t quite believe it. But I think that when you break down each challenge into a series of steps, no matter how small, then that’s progress. I paced myself in order to get somewhere.

That somewhere is BA, a place that’s given me incredible opportunities to develop new skills. I was surprised by how progressive and dynamic the environment is, but also how focused it is on your own individual needs. It’s a place that values everything I do best. Building relationships, creating unique experiences, making people feel special. And it’s made me excited for my future. The biggest adventure of all.

Application Procedure

1. Apply Online
Register and apply online. We'll ask you a couple of eligibility questions first to see if we're made for each other. If you're right for the Programme, we'll invite you to start your application and submit your CV.

2. Initial British Airways Programme Assessment
This involves one short online situational judgement and/or a cultural assessment.

3. Ability Tests
Depending on the Programme, you'll be asked to complete a Numerical Reasoning and/or Inductive Reasoning ability test.If you're successful, we'll let you know once we've reviewed your overall application.Next step will be an invitation to a video assessment.

4. Video Assessment
You will be asked to consider and respond to questions related to the Programme you have applied for, this will give you an opportunity to share your experiences and personality. Depending on your Programme of choice, you may also be asked to answer a couple of written questions.

5. Assessment Centre
If your video interview is successful, we'll invite you to an Assessment Centre. This involves various activities depending on the Programme, including:
• Group Exercise
• Written Exercise
• Interview
• Role Play

6. Offer
Following your Assessment Centre, we'll be in touch to let you know the outcome. Good Luck!