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Boost Education 2024 graduate opportunities

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Boost Education focuses on improving the quality of education and working closely in line with the New National Curriculum. We group all our classes in terms of ability to make sure that each child gets the most out of each lesson.

With small groups of 1 tutor for 4 students, we can really spend quality time and monitor progress effectively. Having working with thousands of children since 2009 you can be rest assured that Boost Education will do exactly that for your child… Boost their Education!

Does working in a fun environment and making a difference in the lives of children sound like something you would love doing? Then it’s time to join the Boost Education family.

Boost Education employees enjoy a great working environment with a supportive team, a retention bonus programme, excellent rates and pay that are commensurate with individual performance. This means you earn your true worth as a Boost Education Centre Manager.

We are looking for bubbly, enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who relish the opportunity to work in the education sector. So, if a passion for education, management and children describe you then we definitely want to hear from you!