The graduate employer awards 2020 - 2021

2020 has been an unusual year in the graduate market... but we continue to award employers for creating great graduate opportunities. How do we know they are great? We analyse the data you create as you view and apply for jobs (amongst other things). The awards aren't based on opinion they're based on your behaviour so we're confident they are accurate.

So what does the data say about the graduate opportunities in 2020?

  1. 1 TPP
  2. TPP is a global digital health company. With over 6,000 organisations using our solutions to care for over 50 million patients, our software is used across all health and social care settings, including GPs, emergency departments, hospitals and mental health services. This means that wherever and whenever a patient needs care, a detailed and up-to-date record is available. No other company has a digital healthcare solution on this scale. Our database is one of the largest in the world and processes a billion transactions daily.

  3. 2 PwC
  4. 3 QA Limited
  5. 4 Lidl
  6. 5 Mazars
  7. 6 KPMG
  8. 7 EY
  9. 8 Pareto Law
  10. 9 Kubrick Group
  11. 10 BDO LLP

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