Studying Mathematics at university shows an impressive level of numerical control and data management, as well as an ability to analyse information. Maths degrees are highly respected and can open many doors, as they provide graduates with a unique skill set which is always in demand.

How do you get a graduate job in Mathematics and Statistics?

A degree in Mathematics and similar courses opens doors to many sectors and career paths. These include:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Actuarial Profession
  • Tax
  • Pensions
  • Risk Management
  • Computing e.g Web Developer, Software Engineer
  • Retail
  • ICT
  • Teaching and Academia
  • Insurance

These positions can be found in a wide range of sectors and often include further examinations or qualifications alongside the job itself. Employers look for graduates to have certain skills. These include problem solving, thinking logically and high level quantitative and numerical skills.

What can I expect to be doing?

Due to the vast number of options, it is difficult to say exactly what your role would entail. However usually you will be shown the ropes early on and given limited responsibilities, in order for you to get to know the business world. Whatever you are doing, make sure to use skills you acquired while doing your degree course. For example, analysing and interpreting data, observational skills, high IT competence, ability to deal with abstract concepts etc.

Career Progression

Whether in the Financial or Teaching side of things, careers in mathematics often stay relatively similar in terms of your environment. What does change is the level of responsibilities you will be given. As you develop and impress, you will be given more accounts to oversee and begin to deal with larger clients. When it comes to Teaching, the Government offer impressive incentives for mathematics graduates to become teachers.

The Challenges

Again, this depends on what particular line of work you choose, but, in general terms, there are often large batches of graduate positions for these sorts of roles but they are becoming more and more sought after. This is why it is important to get any work experience or extra-curricular activity that could support your application. Also, try not to limit the type of roles you are applying for, mathematics is useful in any line of work!