Explore Learning- Why it's been awarded The Best Place to Work…

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Explore Learning have been bagging all the awards this year....

Who are they?

Explore Learning are an Ofsted registered private tutoring company. The first centre was opened in Chelmsford in 2001 by a Dad, Bill Mills. He, like most parents knew that kids sometimes need a little extra help to thrive academically and so 'Explore Learning' was born. 17 years down the line and Explore Learning now have 138 centres across the UK and even 5 in Dallas, Texas.

What did they win?

Explore Learning have been bagging all the awards this year. They were named in the 2018 Best Places to Work, Employees Choice awards where they came 20th and they were named the 2nd Best Company to work for on The Sunday Times 25 Best Big Companies to Work For list. Congratulations to them on their amazing achievements.

Why are they winning?

After speaking with the Head of Talent Acquisition, Francesca DiTano, she gave a great insight as to why Explore Learning have been recognised as one of the best places to work. She thought it was down to the culture of the business, created by the incredible people that work at Explore. This is just one reason that they were the top scorers in many categories in The Sunday Times 25 Best Big Companies to Work For list. Categories they came first in were: Most Fun at Work, Wellbeing, My Company and Personal Growth. A massive 95% of staff agreed 'This job is good for my own personal growth'. Francesca deemed that the enjoyment of the role led to staff satisfaction and was a key reason to them winning these prestigious awards. "Staff enjoy the variety in their day with the opportunity to grow and develop which is leading to higher job satisfaction". There is a lot to learn, with everyday being different from the last. Staff are very aware of the value of their job as they are having a massive impact on a child's learning and development, therefore making it even more rewarding for them. It's not the staff that only enjoy their time at Explore; children and parents love it as well, which have led to them being voted the number 1 private tuition firm!

What they look for in Graduates?

Explore are always on the look out for ambitious, fearless individuals, with an amazing attitude and excellent communication skills. The Assistant Director Graduate role sees employees getting stuck into all sorts, including marketing, sales, finance and tutoring. The role is an extremely rewarding one, and Individuals that have the passion, determination and drive will help make an impact to the lives of the families that Explore Learning support from day 1.

What's next for Explore Learning?

Explore want to continue to be one of the best places to work, and would be thrilled if they could clinch that number 1 spot next year! They are continuing their focus on staff wellbeing, with a new Employee Assistance Programme coming in April, where all full time staff will have access to a counsellor 24/7 for anything they wish to speak about - whether work related or not. They want to continue to enhance their internal communication and further enhance transparency through the company - utilising their employee intranet.

Targets for the Year ahead

Explore Learning are going from strength to strength, an ever growing company and are continuing to expand. They aim to open another 10 centres this year with already 138 centres throughout the UK.

With over 230,000 children being tutored by Explore Learning, they must be doing something right!