How to ace KPMG's new graduate recruitment process


KMPG has refined the student recruitment rulebook - so you need to be ready to ace their new format.

KPMG has revolutionised their approach to student and graduate recruitment and the result is Launch Pad - a slick, immersive application process for the 21st century graduate. The new approach means you will not only save time in a streamlined process but also be able to gain an immersive impression of KPMG and their career opportunities.

But you need to be ready - so here's how you ace KMPG's Launch Pad.

1. Watch your Behavioural Capabilities

The new Launch Pad day will look to test graduates through a mixture of traditional and innovative measures, but you should know what kind of characteristics they are looking for. KPMG is a diverse and inclusive organisation but all of its employees share the same "global behavioural capabilities". KPMG wants to evaluate your responses and performance, against a core set of capabilities, to help assess whether you'd be successful at the firm.

While all these capabilities are important, KPMG want to see you can deliver quality, make an impact and be resilient. Make sure you know what KPMG wants; here is the full list of behavioural capabilities.

2. Group work

If you are successful in the recruitment process and invited to attend KMPG's Launch Pad day - the final stage of the recruitment process - you will be asked to take part in group work tasks. The details on this are top secret but there are several key tricks to impressing KPMG and other companies during group work.

There is so much more to team work than being able to manage a team. KPMG and other companies do not just want to see team leaders but cooperative team players. Be cooperative, mediate and help reach compromises.

3. Assessment centre tasks

Even though KPMG's Launch Pad is a streamlined recruitment process, it is still robust and involves a series of group exercises and as well as a one-to-one interview with a senior member of KPMG's business. We can't confirm the particulars on what they will be but there are things you can do to prepare yourself in advance.

Typical assessment centre tasks include group exercises, situational judgement tests and interviews. There are numerous resources available online which can help your familiarity with these tests and we'd suggest taking a looking at for hints and tips. Also remember to bear in mind the behavioural capabilities KPMG want to see as you undertake the tasks.

4. Network

KPMG's Launch Pad is a fantastic opportunity to network with a range of the firm's staff, from Graduate Trainees to Senior Partners - and of course other graduates just like you. Make the most of these opportunities to help show off your softer skills.

You will chat to a variety of KPMG employees so maybe prepare some questions and ice breakers. You should also settle any queries you have about your chosen scheme or KPMG itself. Employees at the firm are the perfect resource to help you gain a greater understanding of the company and what it's offering.

5. Final interviews

Before the end of the Launch Pad day, each candidate will engage in a one-to-one interview with a senior member of the KPMG team to help inform their overall final decision.

You know how to impress in interviews: maintain eye contact, answer questions directly and confidently, and you know there are a handful of stock questions the interviewer might reach for. However, while you compose your answers, ask yourself - "How am I satisfying KPMG's Behavioural Capabilities?"

Launch Pad presents a great opportunity for you to find out more about KPMG and for the firm to find out more about you, it'll give you the chance to meet lots of KPMG people, network with other students and the chance to even learn a skill.

No doubt the day will present some challenges with lots of student talent competing for coveted places at the firm, but we'd suggest "embracing the day" and taking as much from it as you can.

Find out more about KPMG's Launch Pad, and apply for their graduate and student opportunities now.