October and November are Careers Fair season - up and down the country the top recruiters in the world come directly to universities for a day just so you can talk to them about graduate jobs.

Think about that, not only is it usually a struggle to get a conversation with leading brands and employers but at careers fairs you can talk to them in person and for as long as you want. This means there is much advice to be gained and a lot of potential impressing that can be done by yourself to huge names in your sector of choice. On top of that, many companies allow you to register your details so that you are on their databases and can be contacted once you graduate.

These are merely a small selection from the plethora of benefits that careers fairs present students. So it would be a shame to miss such a great opportunity (or rather, opportunities). All you have to do is stroll along and chat to a few people and you could have your career plans much more concentrated, planned and on path in under an hour!

Now, if after telling you all of this we didn't attend the events ourselves that would be somewhat hypocritical. Which is why graduate-jobs.com attends graduate careers fairs up and down the country twice a year. We can't promise that we'll be at them all but we do try to attend most! We'll have a fast track sign up booth set up for anyone who has yet to register on the website and our representatives will be available for a friendly chat and some advice on all things graduate jobs!

University careers fairs are usually held twice a year, one in the autumn and one in the spring semester. And that is just the general careers fairs, universities often have niche fairs that cover a smaller range of subjects such as engineering or science fairs. If you are unsure when your university's careers fair is just look on the website or contact your careers centre. See you there!