Another new week and let's take a look at what roles were getting graduates excited from the last 7 days. As ever this time of year there is usually a high turnover of roles with Graduate Schemes for 2015 closing regularly. But there are still lots of awesome roles open for applications and most notably this week's winner which has screamed in at the top spot. So get your applications at the ready and get applying to this week's #HottestjobsintheWorld!

5. Graduate Opportunities - Hertfordshire County Council

What you need to know: Based in Hertfordshire, earning, with a salary £22,937 to £31,846 and three streams open for applications
What you need to show: Future leadership potential, great problem solving skills and excellent communication Perfect careers available if you're interested in: Finance, Management and Human Resources. Hertfordshire County Council have an exciting opportunity for graduates. They have three schemes open in Human Resources, Management and Finance. The schemes last between two and three years and will be there to support graduates through training and the demands of the streams. Successful graduates will gain exposure to a range of key leaders within Hertfordshire County Council and receive funding for formal qualifications too.

4. Graduate Development Programme - The Scottish Government

graduate jobs What you need to know: Based in Glasgow and Edinburgh, a 4-year development scheme with a salary of £27,730 What you need to show: Passion for a career in Finance, be a final year student and numerically strong
Perfect careers available if you're interested in: Management, Public Sector and Services and Finance The Scottish Government have launched a four-year graduate programme based in Edinburgh and Glasgow. They are looking for high-calibre graduates who are showing potential of being future leaders. This is a programme that will allow quick-learning graduates to work in a range of areas including: policy, corporate, Ministerial Private Office and delivery roles

3. Intelligence Officer Development Programme - MI5

graduate jobs What you need to know: Two-year development programme, working with the security service in specialist intelligence areas.
What you need to show : Diligence, discretion and a keen eye for detail, as well as a 2.2 or higher. Perfect role if you're interested in: Military and Defence, Science and Technology and Public Sector and Services Intelligence Officers will start out working on their Foundation Investigative Training, after this they will specialise in one of the following areas: international counter-terrorism, assessment, Northern Ireland-related terrorism, counterintelligence (espionage) or cyber intelligence. After a further two years in this specialism, graduates will become fully trained Intelligence Officers, helping keep the UK safe.

2. Higher Officer Intelligence Analyst - HMRC

What you need to know: Based in locations across the UK, with a salary of £28,780 (£32,379 in with London weighting) and using data to ensure tax is paid and paid correctly
What you need to show : Excellent decision-making skills, strong interpersonal and time management skills Perfect role if you're interested in: Research and Analysis and Public Sector and Services
Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is making a real drive on its enforcement and compliance arm and they are looking for graduates to join them on this £1bn investment. The role of a Higher Officer Intelligence Analyst is unsurprisingly complex, successful applicants will apply rigorous analytical and cognitive skills to identify, interpret and evaluate intelligence, data and information drawn from all sources to highlight current and future risks.

And the official #HottestjobsintheWorld is...

1. Graduate HR Trainee - Seadrill

What you need to know: Based in Liverpool and the UAE, with a salary of £30,000 and full training scheme for a career in HR
What you need to show : Passion for a career in HR, no experience is necessary and proficiency in Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, French or Spanish is an advantage Perfect role if you're interested in: Human Resources And the winner this week is straight in at the top spot. But looking at the role it is easy to see why. Seadrill are offering an exciting opportunity for a rewarding career in Human Resources. This role has shocked no one by reaching the top spot this week.A fantastic opportunity to spend 12 months in Liverpool and 12 months in Dubai as part of the role. Graduates will get to learn the ropes for a career in HR like Payroll, Recruitment, HR Systems, Training and Development and get the chance to spend time in other specialist teams. With a salary of £30,000 as well, there's no surprise this HR Trainee Scheme has proved so popular.