The 5 Best Graduate Employer Twitter accounts you should be following…


The 5 best Graduate Employer Twitter accounts you should be following…

Rather than being left behind out of the social networking world, some graduate employers have taken to twitter and really utilised it for attracting the best graduates to their schemes and also helping out graduates with more general application woes. Some of these graduate accounts and Careers accounts on the Twittersphere are absolute must-followers for prospective graduate job hunters, even if they're not interested in the sector that the company works in.

But before I reveal our favourite Graduate Employer Twitter Accounts it is worth looking at why you should follow employers on Twitter anyway. Firstly, one of the oldest and meanest tricks in the interview book is to ask applicants why they want to work at this particular company. Having followed a company for a while and keeping tabs on their culture will provide you with an endless goldmine of what you like about the company and why you think you think you'd suit working there.
Secondly, following them allows graduates to open a dialogue if necessary. These accounts are usually run by the HR team themselves to if you Tweet them a question more often than not they will be able to help you if you're stuck on understanding a requirement or unsure on a particular aspect of the job.

But without any further ado, take a look at the best graduate twitter accounts you should be following:

1. Tesco Bank - @TescoBankGrads

With a big company like Tesco and their banking arm, Tesco Bank, these can easily seem like unassailable fortresses for graduate job hunters. But take a quick look at their Twitter account and it is easy to understand not only what they are looking for but how you might fit in at such a big organisation. Although relatively new to the Twittersphere, Tesco Bank Graduates regularly tweet about their opportunities and what they are looking for in graduate applications. This is a must follow for graduates not only looking at working for Tesco Bank but anyone who is concerned about how different business areas operate.

2. KPMG - @KPMGRecruitment

Similarly to Tesco Bank, KPMG are such a massive organisation that graduates can sometimes feel intimated when considering applying for such a corporate colossus. However, taking a look at their Twitter feed, KMPG have made every effort to seem approachable and human. Not only do they promote their own opportunities but also run competitions and Live Chats with people in their recruitment department.

3. Enterprise Rent-A-Car - @ERAC_Jobs

Enterprise Rent-A-Car have always beamed with pride about their customer service and it seems this positive and welcoming approach has rubbed off on their approach to graduate recruitment. One of the most active and engaging Twitter accounts on this list, Enterprise Rent-A-Car look to help out prospective graduate applicants, those who are still studying and those who have recently left university. They have provided useful information on a range of topics vital for graduate job hunters including LinkedIn profiles, Application processes and information and advice on internships, whilst also promoting their ever popular Management Scheme.

4. Majestic Wine - @Majestic_Careers

Majestic Wine are a fantastic company for graduates looking to pursue a career in Retail and Management. The best thing about their Twitter account is insight into life at Majestic Wine they give. Looking over their twitter account, graduates can get a real taste of what it is like to work there and what opportunities and perks they offer. This can be highly useful for graduates looking for differences between the many retail and management schemes that are on offer.

5. Mott MacDonald - @MottMacGraduate

Mott MacDonald are a massive, global construction and engineering firm and like Tesco Bank and KPMG before them, they can seem like faceless building machines. But the opposite is true. Mott MacDonald's graduate account is fantastic in responding to enquiries about their programmes and always more than willing to lend a hand or provide advice when requested. This account should be followed in tandem with their Careers account also which provides plenty of advice on interviewing and applications.

And of course you are all following's Twitter Account, aren't you?

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