Tax, telecoms and counterterrorism - #HottestjobsintheWorld


Tax, telecoms and counterterrorism - #HottestjobsintheWorld

This week we've got the Top 5 Most popular jobs ready and waiting for your applications. This week, the top 5 #HottestjobsintheWorld represent a range of sectors and give any graduate the opportunity to apply for some of the best schemes currently open. Whether you're interested in working in the Public Sector or Charity sector or want to make waves in a Digital Powerhouse, the #HottestjobsintheWorld have got it covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your applications ready and into the mix, here are the #HottestjobsintheWorld...

5. Graduate Opportunities - Santander

What you need to know: A variety of schemes open for graduates in numerous locations across the UK, competitive pay structures and industry leading training
What you need to show: 2.1 degree in relevant subjects, 280 UCAS points and a passion to succeed in the competitive world of Banking.
Perfect careers available if you're interested in: Banking, Finance, IT, Marketing and HR

Graduates looking for a career in banking already know it takes many departments of highly skilled employees to make an international bank successful. This is why they are looking to fill loads of different departments with the next generation of highly ambitious graduates who have the potential to succeed. With locations across the UK, Santander are looking to fill graduate schemes in: Finance, Risk, Compliance, People and Talent (HR), UK Banking, Technology and Operations, Corporate and Commercial Banking and Marketing.

4. Graduate Schemes - Cancer Research UK

graduate jobs What you need to know: Based in London, with a salary of around £24,000 and opportunities to work in a range of departments at one of the UK's leading charities
What you need to show: 2.1 degree, 280 UCAS points and achieved success outside of your academic career through work experience, internships or similar
Perfect role if you're interested in: Accounting, Finance, Research and Analysis, Science and Technology and Marketing

Falling from second place, this role has done well to stay in the top five. Cancer Research UK are looking for the best graduates to help them succeed in fighting against all cancers. They are looking for a graduate full of fresh ideas and with a history of achievement, both academic and extra-curricular. Over two years you will be exposed to four different teams across your area of interest. Graduates have the opportunity to choose from one of the following streams: Policy Information and Communications, Fundraising and Marketing, Technology, Scientific Strategy and Funding and Finance.

3. Graduate Tax Professional Programme - HMRC

What you need to know: Four year training programme, based in London and across the UK and leading into a range of careers
What you need to show: 2.2 degree, passionate interest in tax and the capability to learn and grow quickly over the four years
Perfect role if you're interested in: Finance, Accountancy and Public Sector

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs are looking for the next generation of Tax Professionals. This programme is designed to give you, over four years, a range of skills, talents and knowledge to be able to apply it in a range of Tax related roles. For example, with no set track you could end up in international and corporation tax, investigation, fraud, tax policy or as a manager, technical specialist or consultant. While wokring on this programme you will also be studying for a degree in Professional Studies in Taxation from MMU.

2. Graduate Programme 2015 - Telefonica (O2)

What you need to know: Two year graduate scheme to take bright graduates and transform them into business leaders, plenty of streams open with a salary of £30,000 plus benefits
What you need to show: 2.1 degree, innovative, ambitious and excited by the possibilities of the digital world
Perfect role if you're interested in: Computing and IT, Telecommunications, Accounting, Finance, Research and Analysis, Technology and Marketing

Telefonica (O2) are looking for the best and brightest graduates to help them progress into the digital world. They want tech literate and innovative graduates with a 2.1 to join their team to come up with the next innovative thing in their area. They are offering a wide range of areas that successful applicants can specialise in, from Strategy, Operations, IT and Networks to HR, Marketing and Finance (3 years).

And the official #HottestjobsintheWorld is...

1. Intelligence Office Development Programme - MI5

What you need to know: Based in London, with a salary of £25,679 and starting a immersive career in investigation and security
What you need to show : 2.2 degree in any subject, confident communicators and have a high attention to detail
Perfect role if you're interested in: Research and Analysis, Military and defence and Public Sector

Replacing a similar winner last week, MI5's other role for Data Officers, this week's winner is a constantly popular role. The opportunity to join MI5 on their Intelligence Officer Development programme is something that always excites graduates from across degrees.

In your first two years, graduates undergo their Foundation in Investigative training then can move on to a range of areas for two years like, International Counter Terrorism, assessment, Northern Ireland Related Terrorism, Counter Intelligence (espionage) or cyber intelligence, before becoming a ratified Intelligence Officer.

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