6 feelings graduates suffer when getting their results


6 feelings graduates suffer when getting their results

Results day can be an incredibly difficult day, no matter what the outcome is. Receiving your classification can be a tricky point in your life and can impact your employment prospects, although not as much as you might think.

Whether you make the grade or just fall short, everyone experiences the same things. It's a roller coaster, but you should remember you've done well and should be proud of yourself for getting a degree.

1. Anxiety

It's that uneasy feeling you get the morning of your results. That sickly, stomach churning realisation that your life is going to be changed when you log on to your university online platform, check the notice board or open that letter.
Symptoms: Nausea, shallow breaths and tingle of panic.

2. Bravery

You've assumed the gumption and stiff upper lip to tear open that letter or hit the enter key to take the plunge and see what you've got to show for three years of hard work and a shit load of cash invested. You've gone for it.
Symptoms: Surge in courage and daring, throwing caution to the wind.

3. Realisation

It's there in black and white - the result of not just the past three years of hard work, but the past 14 years of your life. You can't quite process it, but it's slowly sinking in.
Symptoms: Nothing, you feel absolutely nothing.

4. Doubt

No matter what you're reading on that screen or sheet of paper, whether you bagged a 2.1 or a 2.2, got more than you expected or less than you wanted, you will begin to question it. Did I really get that? Did I deserve it? How did I manage to get that grade?
Symptoms: Numbness and a disbelief, whether better or worse.

5. Deflated

It is over. Finished. The curtain call has come and gone. Your university is saying "Thank you very much for attending and thanks again for your cash, bye now." You're left yearning for one more year at university.
Symptoms: Dispirited and disheartened, all over so quickly.

6. Terror

After you've reflected on a blurry 3 years your thoughts start to turn to the...Oh shit...the future! What the hell am I going to do now? I've got a degree and the rest of my life ahead of me...How am I going to eat?
Symptoms: Sheer panic and trepidation about the daunting future that has never seemed so real.

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