The #UndertheRadar jobs are back again. This week's focus appears to have landed on Health. In this week's 5 #UndertheRadar jobs we've gathered up the best roles you may have missed and graduates can really make a difference whether this is promoting awareness of viral hepatitis, analyse data for technologies or modelling for a strategic pharmaceutical company. So, without any more delays, check out these uplifting #UndertheRadar jobs and get your applications submitted.

5. Unconventional Fundraiser - The World Hepatitis Alliance

graduate jobs What you need to know: Raising funds and awareness of Hepatitis globally, based in London with a competitive salary.
What you need to show: 2.1 degree, an innovative thinker, confidence and a willingness to travel across the the UK and worldwide when necessary.
The World Hepatitis Alliance are looking for an Unconventional Fundraiser to join them in raising awareness and combating the stigma surrounding viral hepatitis. They are looking for a graduate to come in and take control of planning and implementation of fundraising strategy for he charity. And the unconventional part comes when it comes to thinking outside the box and how the World Hepatitis Alliance can gain global sponsors and support for their cause.
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4. Events Coordinator - Marketforce

What you need to know: Mange the logistics of 15 to 20 conferences and 40 to 50 training events a year.
What you need to show: Outstanding organisational skills, high levels of professionalism and the ability to find common sense solutions to problems that may arise.
An Events Coordinator at Marketforce is responsible for organising the logistics of around 15 to 20 business conferences and up to 50 training conferences each year. This involves working with suppliers, clients, event sponsors and very senior conference speakers on a day to day basis and working closely with the Marketforce sponsorship, marketing and production (programme) departments. On top of this the clients you will be working are often leading blue chip companies with important speakers and industry leaders. Graduates who apply should be the sort to leave no stone unturned and be able to see problems before they occur.
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3. Simulation Specialist - Bast Inc.

What you need to know: Working for a strategic pharmaceutical company as part of a team of five scientists. What you need to show: Fantastic technical ability to work with large amounts of data, Linux, C++ and complicated maths.
This roles is quite special for those that want to combine their technical competency with the progress of medical research and planning. Bast Inc are looking for a Simulation Specialist to join a team of five scientists to help develop in the field of strategic pharmaceuticals. Graduates for this position do need to be extremely talented however, Bast Inc are looking for a graduate with skills in software architecture for parallel computing, client traffic of cloud application, large data sets, Linux, C++ and applied mathematics.
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2. Sales and Marketing Manager - St Andrews School

What you need to know: Working in a family business based in Cambridge, juggling client investment, summer schools and term time education leading to university.
What you need to show: Excellent organisation and initiative, prepared to travel around the world and be a team player.
This is an excellent opportunity for a graduate that wants to help develop a family business and also help with the education of young people from around the world. St Andrew's College is looking for graduates who are able to help improve the sales and marketing side of their organisation with special attention to social media. The role involves a large amount of travel and the successful applicant could expect to spend upto 16 weeks of the year travelling to places across the world. Based in Cambridge, it would be advantageous for the applicant to be able to speak a foreign language also.
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1. Graduate Statistician - BresMed

What you need to know: Based in either Sheffield or Manchester, working with health data to provide results for governing bodies, clients and health publications.
What you need to sho w: BSc/BA in mathematics, statistics or a closely related field, programming skills would be an advantage, but are not are essential. BresMed are one of Europe's leading health information and data companies. They specialise in providing clients with the most accurate data on new health practices, treatments or technology. The role's main focus is developing statistical analysis plans, performing and reporting statistical analysis as standalone research or for input into health economic models that will provide direct information to clients, governing/reimbursement bodies and/or for publication. Common types of analysis performed include, but are not restricted to survival analyses (including parametric survival analyses), network meta-analyses/mixed treatment comparison/indirect treatment comparisons, analyses of clinical trial (e.g. quality of life) data and observational data analyses.
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