Getting your first graduate job is not easy, it takes persistence and dedication to finally get over the mark. However, getting that graduate job is often made that little bit sweeter by some of the perks that are offered alongside your wage. Some companies go the whole hog and indulge graduates in an attempt to attract the best talent. And by offering the earth to graduates, many companies try to ensure they get your application and have the best selection of graduates, but who wouldn't want some of these tasty benefits?

1.Dollar Dollar Bills Y'all

The most common benefit offered is usually a bonus or supplement to their salary. Hitting and surpassing targets on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis can make those evenings staying late worthwhile when your pay packet comes in a lot fatter. Where can I get this? Mostly found in the Sales sector.

2. More letters after your name

In many graduate schemes, employers are keen to invest heavily in transforming you from a green graduate into and high performing and highly skilled team player. This usually comes in the form of allowing the graduate funds and time off to complete professional qualifications. Where can I get this? Commonly found in fields like Accounting or Human Resources.

3. Staff Discount

A relatively common perk and not just for graduates, but staff discount is often provided when the company is offering a household product. But be careful not to put all your wages back into the company. Where can I get this? Most commonly found in the Retail sector, like Games Workshop.

4. Health Care

Whether it is a private healthcare plan or health insurance, some companies like to look after their staff physically as well as financially. Some companies, like Blue Arrow, offer vision express voucers. Where can I get this? Often available at the bigger companies in consultancy and finance .

5. Holiday hot desking

Some companies like to reward their staff with holidays away, or even working in an office somewhere exotic - the ultimate in Hot-desking. Where can I get this? Check out Spencer Ogden who reward staff with trips to Ibiza.

6. Work hard, party hard

No longer saved for the office party to get pissed up with your colleagues, graduates are often introduced to the after work drinks prerogative early on and be warned graduates must be able to not only hold their own but function the next day in the office. Where can I get this? ALL JOBS EVER.

7. Work Whip

It has been known for graduates to be given a company car. Rolling in a company whip to attend meetings with clients is certainly a perk to be looked out for, because they certainly won't provide you with a bashed up old banger. Where can I get this? Usually limited to Field Sales or Management roles. Take a look at this role from Express Vending
You might not apply for the jobs based purely on the perks, but it certainly makes the prospect of working somewhere that little bit more exciting. The perks offered vary, but employers tend to make the leap to the working world that little bit more bearable with a few sweeteners.