The World Cup is here! In the South American capital of football, Brazil, the greatest sporting tournament on the planet has kicked off. This got us thinking at, if these 23 players had not made it as footballers, what careers would they have pursued if they had just finished university?

1. Joe Hart (GK)

Attributes: Confident, great communication and quick thinking Alternative Career Destination: Sales Reason: Joe Hart has excellent communication when commanding his back line and his confidence allows him to be, shall we say, convincing. Plus, he's selling everything from crisps to shampoo at the moment, why not pursue it as a career?

2. Gary Cahill (CB)

Attributes: Excellent analysis, always puts safety first and fantastic awareness. Alternative career destination: Engineering or Environmental Reason: Cahill is known for his reading of situations and perfect execution. This accuracy and awareness is vital in a range of engineering disciplines ensuring safety first and effective results.

3. Leighton Baines (LB)

Attributes: Calm, creative and accurate. Alternative Career Destination: Design or Advertising Reason: By far one of the coolest characters to ever pull on the Three Lions shirt, Leighton Baines has worked hard and finally broken into his position. His accuracy in delivery would allow him to flourish in providing unique and inventive designs.

4. Steven Gerrard (MF)

Attributes: Team player, excellent people skills and Alternative Career Destination: Management or Human Resources Reason: As Gerrard has matured, he's assumed a paternal role over the squad. Helping Hodgeson with selection decisions and helping young players develop their trade and supported where necessary.

5. Ross Barkley (MF)

Attributes: Young, enthusiastic but still needs to refine his role. Alternative Career Destination: Internship Reason: Despite his deserved call-up, Young Barkley is still in need to refining. While he's got the skills and flair to be an explosive player, he needs to hone his craft and an internship would be the perfect place to do this.

6. James Milner (MF)

Attributes: Hard working, by the book and dependable. Alternative Career Destination: Accountancy or Insurance. Reason: The ultimate in hardworking midfielder. James Milner is not pretty, nor is he exciting, but you want a job doing properly and honestly, Jimmy is your man.

7. Wayne Rooney (FW)

Attributes: Hardworking, flashy and a constant menace. Alternative Career Direction: Recruitment Reason: A career in recruitment might come sooner than expected for Wayne Rooney. Judging by Man Utd's transfer efforts over the past year and this year so far, they are going to need all the help they can get in that department.
While these roles might not be perfectly suited for professional footballers, Ashley Cole and Tom Cleverly can check out the immediate start section to save the waiting around.