For this week's #yousayTuesday question we asked you "If you had a time machine would you change your degree?" The answers led us to thinking if you had a time machine, there's a lot more that you'd change about your time at university than just what you studied.

1. Revision

Having unlimited amount of time to flip back and forth you'd get all the revision crammed in. Or even easier, just jump forward to see the questions.

2. Deadlines

Deadlines? There'd be no such thing. All the stress and heartache you'd spent pouring over essays, could be completed at a leisurely pace.

3. Seminar prep

Preparing for seminars would be a doddle. Spend an afternoon perusing over the set text or topic with not a care in the world.

4. Module choices

There was that one module you picked and still you have no idea what it was about or what you learnt. But a few jumps to lectures in the future would save you a year of staring blankly in a room each week.

5. The night before

Each and every hangover you had at university - Gone. Would you go back to the previous night and not hit it as hard? Probably not, but you'd have plenty of recovery time.

6. Extracurricular and Societies

All those societies you wanted to attend but could never be arsed - well now's your chance. You'd leave...soon...after Jeremy Kyle.
Giving students time machines would vastly improve the university experience. You could have done more, learnt more and been an all-round better student...but you wouldn't have done much differently.