This week we asked you what would be your favourite fictional office to work in and we had a resounding winner. It was of course The IT Crowd. Watching chaos unfold at Reynholm industries, t here are plenty of things we can learn about working the dynamics of working in an office and the characters you are likely to meet.

1. Gossiping

Spending so much time with the same people means friendships are formed and everyone will want to know your business.

2. Slow days

Like all jobs, sometimes you can experience slow days and even the dullest and minor alteration to a daily routine can be mind-blowing.

3. Tensions run high

A minimum of 40 hours a week in the same room with the same people can lead to tensions running high and anxiety in the work force.

4. Some people don't have a clue

Office dynamics make for interesting studies. Some people do not have a clue what they are doing in their role and spend time trying to keep their head above water.

5. Others just try and blag it

Other people will also not have a clue, but speak with confidence and they're likely to get away with too much.

6. The Boss

In some jobs, you'll rarely see your boss, but you can meet some bosses who want to make sure you know they're head honcho. But they will get your name right...eventually.
Graduates should not be too worried about working in offices and nor should they expect life to be as chaotic as it as at Reynholm Industries. Not many jobs allow you to get away with "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"