5 skills every graduate has got - #yousayTuesday


5 skills every graduate has got - #yousayTuesday

There is no such thing as an inexperienced graduate. All graduates leave university with a selection of skills that you should let employers know about. Working solidly, but not necessarily soberly, at university for three years does arm graduates for the working world more than you might think.

We asked you this week whether you thought you were held back by what you studied at university. So remember these 5 things graduates can show they gained at university, no matter what they studied.

1. Communication

Sometimes you don't quite know what you're saying but you articulate it superbly.

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2. Analysis

After harnessing a range of sources, you can pick out information, contextualise it and counterpoint many factors during arguments or decisions. Most of the time.

3. Hard work

Well you didn't get to university on a wing or a prayer. And as much as you might have tried you couldn't have graduated with out putting a shift in. As long as there is limited internet access.

4. Meet Targets/Deadlines

Meeting deadlines or hitting targets? You wrote the book. It might not have been your best work but an all-nighter you pulled in the library to get that work done was the tip of the iceberg in your finals.

5. Team player

You've worked in teams. Group presentations, group projects, and by team work you mean bossing everyone about until they just get it right.

Graduates usually have the majority of the skills required for certain roles. It's just finding the right evidence to back up these claims.

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