#UnterdemRadar - #UndertheRadar


#UnterdemRadar - #UndertheRadar

Wonderbar! Hallo! It's back, like every Donnerstag, it's the #UndertheRadar jobs! These are some special jobs. Not your normal run of the mill, service industry graduate schemes, but the schemes for graduates who want to start their career somewhere different, somewhere the opportunities are all theirs. And I've rounded up the best 5 from the last week. So don't be shy, get your applications ready to send and get applying! Good luck!

5. ABC Selfstore - Sales and Customer Service Advisor

What you need to know: Based in Camden, London, £18,000 with excellent benefits and shift working patterns.
What you need to show: Enthusiasm, versatility and customer focused outlook.

ABC Selfstore Services are looking for a passionate and customer focused graduate to join their Camden base. With the support of their Store Manager and the Group Operations Manager, ABC Selfstore Services want graduates to ensure customers are provided with the a great service. Graduates will given tailored training, ensuring they can provide the best service possible.

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4. Pearlfinders - Research Executive

What you need to know: Based in London, £21,000, classroom training and on the job support.
What you need to show: Strong academics, a fantastic telephone manner and an eye for detail.

Pearlfinders are a niche business looking to add to their young, growing company. The company specialises in providing exclusive insights on the business strategies of corporate brands to its clients. Based in Clerkenwell, London, Pearlfinders are an ambitious meritocracy, expecting graduates to work as hard, but they will be rewarded. This Research Executive role opens up many doors for graduates in the future, leading to careers in account management, HR or Sales Support.

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3. International Marketing Assistant

What you need to know: £18,000 plus benefits, based on the Southbank in London and working with the German market
What you need to show: Fluent German speaking, Maths/Business/Economics focused degree and an eye for trends.

This is a very much a niche role for graduates who can speak German and want a career at a growing, fast paced Media Agency. The role offers an exciting career for those that are motivated and want a work hard play hard, sociable environment. Graduates would be involved in working with clients across a range of medias, including but not limited to print, press, outdoor, online, and TV. As well as this, successful applicants duties also include researching, brainstorming, assessing media, analysing data and have the chance to run air time schedules for the TV adverts.

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2. Ritter Courivaud - Pricing Analyst

What you need to know: Work in importing fine foods into the UK and based in London.
What you need to show: A passion for the food industry, proficient MS Office skills and a brilliant telephone manner and oral communication.

Ritter Courivaud are one of the UK's biggest importers of Fine Foods. They want an organised and confident graduate to join them in organising pricing and work with the sales team to ensure business continues to tick over. The successful applicant will report to the Sales Manager as well as feed information to the sales team about changes to buying and selling prices of their products. Applicants would be advised to bring a 'can-do', proactive attitude to the business, as well as showing confidence and proficiency in managing deadlines and time sensitive information.

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1. Fenmarc - General Graduate Scheme

What you need to know: £22,000, based in Lincolnshire an Cambridgeshire and a two year scheme.
What you need to show: An interest in FMCG, ability to work as part of a team and experience in a commercial setting.

Fenmarc is one of the biggest suppliers of fresh food in the UK. They are looking to fill their graduate scheme with a variety of graduates who can show their passion for the Fast Moving Consumer Group companies. Based in either Lincolnshire or Cambridgeshire, graduates will aim to be key players in each area of the business, before choosing an area to stay in. Graduate will be supported by their mentor as they take part in tasks in the workplace and in the classroom.

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