A brand new set of the #Hottestjobsintheworld are coming your way! We've seen a relatively decent change in jobs for this week with a total of FOUR new jobs making the list. Graduates have got the opportunity to join some fantastic life changing schemes that will get their career off to the best start. So here they are....

5. Farmfoods - Graduate Programme

What you need to know: £22,000, rotational scheme and based across the UK. What you need to show: a 2.1 degree, ambition and a commitment to customer service and retail.
Farmfoods is a family run business based in Scotland. They are looking for graduates to join their team and to make a difference in their day to day practice. Farmfoods are looking to immerse successful applicants in all aspects of their company so they can gain valuable and versatile skills in anything from retail, management and business. New up this week, the popularity of this job can be clearly seen as it marches straight into the Top 5 #Hottestjobsintheworld!
What you need to know: £25-27,000, based in locations across the UK and roles available in technical and non-technical positions. What you need to show: 2.1, determination and a passion for cutting edge technology. Atos is a global technology company from France. They have a whopping four positions to fill here in the UK in a variety of roles. The roles are Wintel Technical Specialist, based in Runcorn, Beeston or Glasgow, Security Operations Engineer, in Birmingham, Customer Experience, in Glasgow, and Solutions Architecture, in London or Reading. These roles all demand a variety of specialism to be provided by graduates, but in return, Atos offer fantastic training and both professional and personal development.

3. E.ON - Commercial Graduate Programme

What you need to know: £27,000 plus benefits and bonus, 2 year scheme and a £1,500 Welcome Bonus.
What you need to show: Determination, innovation and a passion to work in the Energy and Utilities sector.
E.ON is becoming a veteran #Hottestjobsintheworld role. Its been in and around the Top 5 for weeks, almost months, even taking the top spot several times. But it is easy to see why. The role provides graduates with £27,000 salary, a 2 year scheme, all in a range of opportunities. Graduates can apply for several streams in the programme, they are: Customer Operations Leadership, International Business Management, HR, Sales and Marketing, IT and Business Change, and Finance.

2. Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Associate Programme Opportunities

What you need to know: Range of streams open across the bank, extremely competitive pay and based across the UK.
What you need to show: Strong academic attainment, superb communication skills and an interest in financial markets.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch are one of the most prestigious graduate employers out there. It is no surprise that they are at the top end of the list. They are in the middle of their recruitment drive for top achieving graduates who want to make a rewarding career in the world of Banking. The areas that they are looking to fill are: Capital Markets, Compliance, Corporate Banking, Global Loan Products, Global Markets, Global Transaction Services, Investment Banking, Human Resources, Quantitative Management, Research, Risk and Technology.

And the winner is...

1. MI5 - Technology Graduate Development Programme

What you need to know: £27,980, two year programme and working with classified cutting edge technology.
What you need to show: Team working skills, passion for technology and a strong communication.
This was always going to take the title one day and it is easy to see why. MI5 have taken a broad approach to graduate recruitment. By not limiting applicants by degree or classification they are aiming to attract the most passionate and driven graduates to the scheme. Graduate do not even need a degree in IT or computing, but need to show the right characteristics that the Security Service are looking for. These include team work, communication, flair, problem solving and diligence.