This weeks #yousayTuesday was finding out your interview nightmares. We wanted to know what terrible interview situations you've landed yourself in. Here are 9 situations people have found themselves in interviews, so watch out for them next time you're in the hot seat.

1. Your Nerves getting the better of you

Interviews are stressful situations, however chain-smoking before going in is not recommended.

2. Fidgeting

Even if you're losing it on the inside, try to remain calm on the outside.

3. Being too enthusiastic

It's important to seem keen, but be careful not to scare anyone.

4. Mentioning other ambitions

You're being interviewed for their specific job, don't throw it in their face.

5. Underestimating your skills

Be cautious with your capabilities. Don't put yourself out of the race.

6. Thinking you're perfect

When that weaknesses question rolls around, remember you're not god's gift.

7. Not answering a question

This could be a question about the company or the role. Sitting there dumb is never an impressive technique.

8. Misunderstanding the dress code

Just because a company advertises itself as a relaxed workplace, probably don't wear jeans.

9. Thinking it's a dream

Sometimes it can go so bad it seems like an actual nightmare.