The top five hottest jobs in the world can be a tough nut to crack. Many of the top five have been in and out in recent weeks with only one new job being able to break into these prized positions. The others are either still present from last week or previously hot jobs having a late surge amongst graduates. Often these jobs fluctuate from week to week but after several weeks in second place, the week's hottest job in the world retains its title.

5. Mi5 - Intelligence Officer

A winner from two weeks ago, the Mi5 Intelligence Officer Programme has snuck back into the top five. A challenging and rewarding role, it's easy to see why graduates are flocking to the role. Such elements to the job as the Foundation Investigation Training scheme, a generous salary and challenging and inspiring work seem to be doing the trick. Graduates can expect to be involved in areas like Counter-terrorism, Northern Ireland, Counter Intelligence or Cyber Intelligence.

4. Volkswagen Group - Graduate Scheme

Dropping one place from last week, The Volkswagen Group have been ever present since they have come onto the site. And why? Well, because the role offers something to any graduate. This Graduate Scheme is not just for those fond of cars, however with The Volkswagen Group operating such high end manufacturers like Audi, Volkswagen and Bugatti, it's easy to see that as a temptation. The attention that this job is getting must be attracting more than just car lovers. Roles are available across the business and as long as graduates can demonstrate enthusiasm, drive and determination.

3. J. P. Morgan - Graduate and Internship Opportunities NEW!

New to the list this week, the Graduate and Internship Opportunities being offered from J.P. Morgan has been a very popular role this week. J. P. Morgan are keen to employ a wide variety of graduates, or students for their internship programme, because of the different skills and specialities different graduates can offer to investment banking. If you've got a 2:1 or higher, you're a team player and able to work hard for your rewards, J.P. Morgan would like to see your application.

2. BT - Graduate Business Programme

The BT Business Programme made fifth spot three weeks back, but has been on the receiving end of a bombardment for graduates wanting to prove themselves good enough for the scheme. The Business Programme allows graduates to learn how to be Business Leaders in a global company like BT. Graduates can find themselves working in anything from Business Analysis, Marketing, Project Management, Sales, Client Engagement and anything in between. Nationwide locations and salary of upwards of £27,000, it's surprising this role hasn't been top every week.

1. BP - Graduate Programmes

If you were wondering what could possibly top the likes of BT, J.P. Morgan or The Volkswagen Group…it's simple, BP. The oil and gas giant has roles across the multinational company, suitable for any graduate that is prepared to work hard and has the evidence to prove it. With a concentration on Engineers and those with a scientific background for the technical roles, BP also need to make sure that they have Business professionals and traders to ensure they are getting the best deal hey can for their Oil and Gas. Graduates are offered a starting salary of £33,000, as well as other attractive benefits like a company car, bonus, pension and flexible working hours. Make sure you're here around next Monday at midday as we count down our top 5 #Hottestjobsintheworld