This week we had Boots in taking over our Twitter and Facebook accounts. Far from a coup d'├ętat, Boots were here to help. It provided the opportunity for you to get in touch with a big company like Boots and find out what they are looking for, iron out any worries you had about applications or the roles on offer. Q. I have applied for the Marketing scheme, is there anything I can do between now and potentially starting the role that would help me through the transition? A: Do your homework and get to know Boots as a business. Q. What does Marketing mean at Boots, what will the scheme involve? A: If you look at Rebecca C's page - you'll find out what it involves. Q. After graduates have been at Boots for a year or so, do you find they have a straightforward career path to follow? A: We'll give you all the necessary skills in the scheme you choose to move forward. Read our Q&A with alumni Adam Q. What experience do I need for the Retail Management position? A: We're not so much interested in experience, it's all about personality and leadership. Check out Rebecca B's blogs on retail managment. Q. Are there any chances to study for any professional qualifications if I joined Boots? A: On our Finance scheme Alliance Boots will fund you through either ACA or CIMA qualifications. Check out Stuart's Finance blog Q. Could you give me some examples of projects that the Technology graduates work on? A: Unfortunately this year we are not taking on any Technology Grads. However on our YII programme you'll have the opportunity to work on various projects. Follow Victoria's Week from Technology blog - to find out what she's up to Q. What is Nottingham like for graduates in terms of night life or cultural hotspots? A: Our YII Kate has been answering this question on a Facebook blog Q. I'm only a second year, is there any sort of internship scheme that you run? A: Yes, check out our Year in Industry scheme. Q. How many placementees do you take on as full time staff? A:We don't have an official number, but completing a YII opens great opportunities for getting onto our Graduate Schemes. See what's available! Q. If I have applied to the Marketing Scheme, can I still apply for another Scheme too? A: You can, but each programme is very different. But if you genuinely can't decide yes you can. Try out our quiz to find the right scheme for you. Q. I have a 2:1 in my Law degree and wanted to get into Marketing, would I be able to apply for the Boots Scheme? A: Yes, your degree subject doesn't matter as we will give you all the necessary skills you'll need.