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The top 10 - Graduate Blogs

We at Graduate Jobs HQ have been lively debating over which are the best graduate blogs on the world wide web. Having just about managed to whittle it down to ten blogs, we have managed to rate them by these categories: frequency of posts, relevance to industry and quality. We would recommend all of these blogs for research into companies and the fields they operate in. The blogs all have graduates contributing, offering real insight into what you can expect if secure a job similar to theirs. Some offer very good industry specific advice, others are more broad in their approach. They're all worth checking out no matter what your industry.

Number 10 - Arriva

graduate jobs Arriva is a European wide transport company, operating in 12 countries. The company offer two paths with their graduate opportunities, management and engineering management. From this they promise a successful and rewarding career dealing with public transport. The blog is mix of senior members of the Arriva team and graduates currently working through their scheme, both offer a wealth of advice, anecdotes and experience. The posts are well informed and suit the needs of those looking to know more about Arriva.

graduate jobs Number 9 - Lloyds Banking Group

While banks have never been very popular with your average student, this blog allows you to see a more human side to the group. Lloyds graduate blog offers a variety of perspectives from several different schemes within the company. Examples range from graduates studying HR, general management, finance and wholesale banking and marketing. The blog gives the graduates free reign to discuss the gritty details of what they've been doing, while offering a personal touch with references to social events and extracurricular activities.

graduate jobs Number 8 - John Lewis

The John Lewis blog offers training schemes from both John Lewis and sister company Waitrose. Some posts act as diaries kept by graduates, detailing what's been keeping them busy while at John Lewis or Waitrose, other posts are written by members of the graduate recruitment team offering advice and hints on being accepted to the graduate scheme and kicking on from there. Although the blog has not been updated for several months, it remains a treasure trove of information and advice for those looking for a career with John Lewis.

Number 7 - Royal Society of Chemistry

graduate jobs One for you science geeks. The Royal Society of Chemistry's graduate blog offers insight into its 18 month graduate scheme. The blogs are posted by graduates at different rotation stages of the scheme, allowing perfect insight to the range of challenges potential applicants will face. Chemistry might not be most people's cup of tea, however the posts encourage an incredible picture of the outside world for prospective chemical graduates. Sounds like a nerd's heaven.

graduate jobs Number 6 - Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton is a massive independent assurance, tax and advisory firm. Ranked as one of the top auditors in the country and employs upwards of 4500 employees in the UK. Grant Thornton graduate scheme blog again offers a record of graduate schemers experiences, thoughts and anecdotes. While at first glance tax and auditing might not sound like a barrel of laughs, the graduate bloggers are insightful and helpful to those considering Grant Thornton as a career path. Posts on Grant Thornton certainly differ from the traditional image of the accountant and the tax man, at some points it even sounds like it could be fun!

Number 5 - Art Threads

Art Threads has switched into overdrive recently when covering Graduate Fashion Week in London. The blog is an excellent point of call for those who have undertaken a degree in fashion, art or design. The blog showcases all things new creative, from the latest catwalk fashion to art shows. While also allowing artistic graduates to upload their portfolio and view other people's, the range of art, fashion and photography available would be a good place to find inspiration. Arts Thread is an excellent blog for those starting out in one of the most difficult and cut throat industries.

graduate jobs Number 4 - Graduate Fog

Graduate Fog is a bit different to those mentioned before. While the others so far on this list have been company or industry focused, Graduate Fog just shares a common purpose - making the graduate world less terrifying for you guys. Graduate Fog's blog tackles the issues facing graduates nowadays, including unpaid internships, job markets and tips on how to get a job. If your Facebook and Twitter feed has grown dull, then Graduate Fog will offer you something else to flick through. Who knows, you might pick up a few nifty tips too.

Now for the big guns...

graduate jobs Number 3 - Grad Guide Blog

Grad Guide Blog really impressed us at Graduate-Jobs. It is often quite easy to get downhearted when looking into and researching graduate Jobs, but Grad Guide Blog offers some really great advice, in a positive way. It takes on the graduate market with a smile and some sturdy advice. The blog seems to embody the spirit of not taking no for answer and that persistence is key. Plus, we love a meme.

Number 2 - TUI Grads

A close contender for the top spot, TUI Grads is a excellent blog for those considering a career at TUI or in travel. The blog offers a mix of personal experiences and details of what the scheme entails and where it can take you. The interesting thing about this blog is it seems to be run entirely separate of TUI main website. This has led us to believe these confessions must be quite honest and not just part of the graduate scheme.

And our winner is....

Number 1 - HSBC

While giving this prestigious title to a multinational bank with money to invest in sleek website, it is the quality and frequency of the posts have made this one a clear winner. This blog has a mix of graduates on the programme writing decent length pieces on how they are finding the scheme and the the graduate recruitment team on how to get on in HSBC. Some of the advice given by the more senior members of staff is not just directly linked to the HSBC programme but offers advice of how to be successful in applications, jobs and interviews.

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