So we have arrived in 2013.
The apocalypse did not come, Barack Obama stayed President of the United States of America, and Leonardo DiCaprio still has not won an Oscar.
Ever the optimist, I would like to hope that our chances as students and post-Graduates will improve this year in terms of the job market. I mean, it can't be that bad forever can it? In preparation for the 2013 Graduate Schemes, I propose we all take a look at ourselves, our CVsand our portfolios, and take some time to refresh them. Once January begins, all our New Year's Resolutions kick in, and for some people that means donning the interview suit and getting back out looking for work. However, just because the same suit is still looking good, it does not mean our credentials are.
It is good practice anyway to constantly review and update your CV, but there's no better time than the New Year. Here are a few tips on how you can wash down and scrub up your job-searching technique this year.
Anna's Top Three Tips for Cleansing Your Job-Hunt Method
1. Keep a Diary
The first of January is a wonderful place in a diary. It's clean, it's tidy and it reeks of opportunity. My advice to you is this; if you do not have a diary, get one! If you do, make sure you have a new one ready for the coming year. It does not matter if you prefer an A4 size diary or a teeny tiny pocket one, if you go to Poundland or Paperchase, just make sure you have one. Having somewhere to put your thoughts will help you keep on top of all the hard work you'll be doing applying and interviewing for jobs. Having it handy will benefit you if you see a job advertised in a window somewhere, you can write down all the details and take them home with you, confident that you've got everything you need to compile a good application. Diaries are also a great tool for keeping a concept of time; important interviews take more than a day to prepare for, being aware of how many days you have left to each one will make sure you're on top of things and have plenty of time to prepare.
2. Dust off your CV
The temptation to put everything and anything you've ever done on your CV is always a killer. It's a killer for the person reading it, and a killer for you. Alter your CV to every application you make; only put relevant work experience and qualifications to the job. It is guaranteed that so many people will be applying for the same position, and you have to be confident that your CV is specific and neat when being read by your potential employer. They're looking for someone to do a certain job; they're not looking to read your life story on a Monday afternoon.
3. Use a Cover Photo
Personalize your CV with a photo of yourself on the cover page. I'm talking, you looking happy and professional on the front of this fabulous piece of writing that you've compiled. Not a night out photo. This helps if your application is done online or via post, as it means you can put a face to your name, and give a higher impact to the person rooting through submissions.
So, welcome to the 2013 job market. Good Luck to you, and I will see you on the other side. Take a look at 2013's Graduate Schemes