Telephone interviews are not everyone's forte. I for one much prefer face-to-face interviews, I feel I can connect better with the person I'm trying to impress, and if I don't understand what they're saying, I can just smile politely and it looks like I know what is going on. On the other hand, some people like to be interviewed over the phone. No sudden need of a fancy suit, no wiping sweaty palms on new fancy suit, and no need to smile so much for so long that your jaw feels like it is about to flop off.
Regardless of what you prefer though, phone interviews are still a popular choice for employers and learning how to handle them will be a skill worth developing. My advice for them, is this: 1.Get Up Early
Just like any other interview, make sure that you feel good about yourself and are fully awake. Even if you're sitting in your pajamas and dressing gown, mug of tea in hand waiting for the call - be fully alert. You know as well as your employer what a 'morning voice' sounds like, and if they suspect you've literally just rolled out of bed as the phone started ringing, they aren't going to be convinced of your time keeping abilities.
2.Get Up Early
I know that your interviewer cannot see you over the phone, but they can tell if you're a happy, cheerful person, or a moody, ignorant person over your phone etiquette. A lighter toned voice that is clear and confident will reveal enthusiasm, whereas a heavier toned, muffled voice will just be identified as someone who is uninterested in the situation, and therefore the job.
3.Find Space
If you know that you won't be at home when the interview is scheduled, try to make sure that you find somewhere a little more peaceful without distractions when you're out and about. If they can hear shouting and screaming, and buses and bikes going on behind you, they might also get distracted and miss out from hearing the things you say, potentially costing you access to the next interview stage.
4.Be Aware
Sometimes it can be worth practicing your phone etiquette on a friend beforehand, especially if you lack confidence over the phone or haven't had a phone interview before. Your friend can ask you questions and you can reply as honestly as you can, all the time trying to be aware of how you sound to the person on the other end of the line. Your friend can then tell you if you need to sound more enthusiastic, if you need to listen more, or if you need to control the amount of times you begin a sentence with "uhmmm…"
At the end of the day, we're all human and we all like to be liked. Impressing someone should be about showing them who you are and how proud you are of yourself and your achievements. If you can show honesty and genuine pride in yourself just over the phone, then imagine what you could do in person! Being open and friendly in a phone interview will communicate that potential over to the other side and hopefully get you bumped up to the next stage. Good Luck, and remember to not say "uhmmm…" too much.