Although Britain is now officially out of the recession we are undoubtedly still feeling the effects, and those feeling it the hardest are graduates, many of whom are still unemployed or in part time work rather than a full time graduate job. The question that many of these graduates must be asking themselves is despite us apparently being officially out of the recession, is the job market getting any better? The short answer is yes, it is getting better gradually. However, do not fret if you are one of those who are yet to have a graduate job. It is by no means easy or even standard to get a job now compared to what it was pre-2008. The main point is to remember that it is slowly getting easier all the time. Day by day more and more graduate vacancies are opening up as the economic climate improves. Many graduates have recounted that it was near impossible to land a job in 2009, currently the job market is quite significantly better than it was in late last year so do not let the constant rejections from last year discourage you from job applying now. There is the slight issue however, that the job market status varies from sector to sector. For example, reports suggest that graduate job vacancies in the technology sector are still quite low. Which means that if your degree is technology related you may find it a little harder to gain employment than those pursuing a career in sales, which is looking quite healthy in terms of graduate jobs available. Yet this does not mean that those whose aspirations are to work in the technology sector should not try. There are after all, always jobs out there and it is very possible that you will be the person who lands one of them. If your CV shines and your interview technique is flawless then you will be the chosen candidate for the graduate job whether there are three people applying for it or three hundred. Furthermore, looking to the future is reassuring. As previously mentioned, the job market is improving as each day passes and by the end of 2010 we may even have a fairly standard one. If you are still unemployed and looking for a graduate job then keep reminding yourself that today is more likely to be fruitful than the last.