For many, after they have graduated and the celebrations end lurks the question, "so what now?" Hunting for a graduate job immediately is not always the answer, depending on your situation and the alternative graduate opportunity of taking a gap year out and travelling can not only be quite appealing but sometimes the better option. Is travelling the right option for me? The answer to this depends on various factors such as your personal, financial and current employment situation. For example, if you have the opportunity of an internship during the summer then it is probably not the best idea to go jet setting around the world; the internship will prove to be a more valuable experience in the job market and will not always be available, the world will! Similarly, if you are looking rather financially modest at the moment, like many graduates are, then a gap year is out of the question and finding a graduate job is essential. Is travelling looked upon positively by employers? Alternatively, you may have had a part time job whilst at University and have some surplus cash saved up that could help fund a year of travelling. If this is the case and you possess the travel bug then such an option would be a great graduate opportunity. Graduate employers do look at travelling positively - it shows that a person has drive, the ability to work well in other cultures and environments and the confidence to explore alien avenues that others may be too afraid to. However, when mentioning your travelling to a prospective employer, be it in a CV or an interview, make sure to elaborate on the activities you took part in whilst abroad. These do not all have to be work or academically based (although these should not be omitted by any means), for example if you took part in sporting activities such as hikes, camping or white water rafting highlight these. The more that you state how active you were whilst you were abroad the better it reflects upon you and your motivation. Where should I go? This is entirely up to you and based upon where you have an interest in the culture, history and opportunities. With that said, if your interests lead you to places that could be potentially dangerous then make sure you thoroughly research how safe you are going to be. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office has information on countries that are considered dangerous, as does the US Department of State. Even if you plan to go to relatively safe and culturally familiar place, it is imperative that you do you research beforehand in order to have the best time possible, even if that means just checking out where the best bars are! All in all, going travelling during a gap year is a fantastic graduate opportunity that should be taken advantage of if your current situation lends itself to the idea. It looks radiant on your CV and could open a lot of doors in the employment field, and in the current economic climate most graduates need all the doors open they can afford. But above all, it is a truly life enriching experience that is great fun! Once you have completed your travels you can explore graduate opportunities and apply for the latest graduate jobs at