Unlock Your Future with the MDS Graduate Scheme: Four Companies, Four Cultures, One You!

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Unlock Your Future with the MDS Graduate Scheme: Four Companies, Four Cultures, One You!

You’ve handed in your diss, graduation is over, and it’s time to find a job…eeeek! But embarking on a career shouldn’t be a guessing game. The MDS Grad Scheme flips the script, offering a unique experience that transforms job seekers into industry leaders. Four companies, four roles, four cultures, one incredible journey, all in search of the best fit for YOU.

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The industry

Are you tired of the monotonous grind and seeking a purposeful career that makes a tangible impact on the world? Do you dream of breaking free from the ordinary and embracing a wilder side? Look no further! Say goodbye to the confines of a traditional desk job. A fulfilling career in the agri-food supply chain is your opportunity to reshape the very fabric of our planet. We are committed to empowering recent graduates like you to unleash your potential and make an impact in the world. Our innovative programme, in collaboration with over 60 businesses across the industry, like Aldi, Sainsbury’s, and G’s Fresh, offers an incredible opportunity to kick-start your career. We’re open-minded; our programme is for anyone with a passion for our industry, so let's rebel against the ordinary together and create a future we can all be proud of.

Meet Lucy

Lucy is in her final secondment with MDS; her experience across four renowned companies in the agri-food industry transformed her career path. Here's a glimpse into her incredible journey:

1. Iceland Foods Ltd: Crafting the Future as an NPD Technologist

Innovate and inspire. Lucy was crucial in food innovation. Here, she moulded the future of our plates, blending culinary creativity with groundbreaking tech.

2. Syngenta: Pioneering Plant Health as a Marketing Trainee

Strategy meets science. Lucy worked in Syngenta’s Global HQ in Basel, Switzerland, to connect farmers with crucial disease control solutions, making a tangible impact on global agriculture.

3. Riverford Organic Farmers: Global Sourcing as a Senior Imports Buyer

Trade on the world stage. Lucy navigated international markets, ensuring quality and sustainability in sourcing for B-Corp grower, Riverford Organic Farmers.

4. Aldi: Powering Deals as a National Buying Assistant

As a National Buying Assistant, Lucy worked at the heart of the buying process with Aldi. Her role wasn’t confined to mere support. It was about partnership and influence.

Genuine Culture: More Than Just Work

One of the standout features of the MDS Grad Scheme is its nurturing culture. But what does this mean for a graduate?

Diverse Learning Opportunities: Each company brings unique learning experiences, allowing you to explore various aspects of the agri-food industry. You’ll also complete training towards a level 5 Leadership and Management qualification, certified by the Chartered Management Institute.

Adapt to You, Not Vice Versa: Unlike traditional schemes, the MDS Grad Scheme emphasises personal growth and alignment with each company's culture. You’ll get to work with different businesses, teams and cultures to work out where your best fit lies. As you progress through the four businesses, you're not just gaining experience but actively choosing your career path.

Mentorship with Insight: Receive guidance from mentors who understand the individual cultures of each company, ensuring a seamless transition and meaningful growth. You’ll also get exclusive invites to our annual Meet the Trainee networking event. Think hundreds of future leaders and the top industry businesses all under one roof!

Earn a competitive salary and enjoy additional perks: You’ll start with a competitive salary of £24,000-£25,000. On top of that, we offer a relocation allowance to make your transition smoother. Once you complete the programme, your earning potential skyrockets, with an average salary of over £35,000.

Friends for Life: Not only will you have the opportunity to network with global businesses from across the industry, but you’ll also be part of a network of over 600 MDS Alumni once you finish the programme! Yes, that’s right, we’ve been developing agri-food leaders for over 37 years. Your cohort will be there with you every step of the way and become lifelong friends. You’ll even be invited to our anniversary ball every five years.

A Launchpad to Your Future

Whether it's the creative buzz, the global connection, the scientific exploration, or the strategic mastery, your place is waiting for you. With four roles in only two years alongside training and development, you’ll skyrocket your career to new heights and set yourself apart from your peers. It's your chance to define your career in a way that resonates with your values, interests, and passions. Embrace the diversity, explore the opportunities, and unlock your potential with MDS.

Apply now for our October intake.