Company Profile

There are over 600 Morrisons stores in the UK, and growing as we roll out more M local convenience stores, in addition to new builds and new look formats and of course there’s our recently launched Morrisons food online business. Committed to offering our customers the best service, along with great food and value, we’ve exciting future plans so there couldn’t be a better time to join.

With no less than twelve different graduate schemes to choose from, no wonder we’re voted by graduates to be a Times Top 100 employer. Our different approach to graduate development is based on bringing in good people, encouraging them to become better and eventually becoming the best leaders in the business. Our schemes are: Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Finance, Marketing, Buying, IT & Business Change, Property, Technical, HR, and our Rotational Group Wide which involves exposure to multiple divisions.

We look for a 2:1 degree or above and 280 UCAS points and at least a Grade C in GCSE Maths and English for most of our schemes. Being more practically based, for our Retail scheme you’ll need a 2:2 degree and Grade C in GCSE Maths and English. Your degree subject isn’t all that important, because we’re a business built around behaviours and we deliberately recruit people from all sorts of courses. Your personal qualities and leadership potential are more interesting to us, as we believe we can train the rest. Some previous work experience would be good to have though.

Our investment in our graduates is both genuine and generous. If you’ve got the leadership skills, passion, integrity and drive to make things happen, then we’ll turn you from a good graduate to a great leader!

You’ll receive support from all levels across the business and our cutting edge Training Academy and Coaching for Performance courses will help you to develop new key skills.

In addition to an attractive salary we offer a range of benefits, including a discount card for you and a friend or family member giving you 10% off your shopping in Morrisons.

We are an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications from all sections of the community.

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Case Study

Name: Megan
Role: IT and Business Change scheme

Within my first IT placement at Morrisons, I was given the position of a Trainee Cutover Manager working on Evolve Release 8. At first I hadn’t understood the scale of this, however within weeks I soon realised that Evolve as a whole was Europe’s largest IT transformation project, of which ER8 was one of the biggest releases, introducing Oracle Retail Management into Morrisons IT. I had been given the opportunity to gain fantastic exposure to the business and to develop skills and strengths that will form a strong foundation to any career I embark on in IT.

Within this role as ER8 Cutover Manager, I initially worked alongside 2 experienced cutover managers, learning the processes and governance around how to implement complex projects. I planned and managed smaller implementations with their support, as well as shadowing large implementations over weekends and on night shifts. This exposure ensured that I could witness the process from start to finish, understanding how to engage with business and technical stakeholders (including 3rd parties such as Oracle and Wipro) and developing my people management skills too.

After circa 6 months, I became the lead cutover manager for ER8, which was a huge responsibility and challenge to take on as a graduate. I am currently working on planning a large Business Intelligence cutover (impacting the financial areas of the business), as well as implementing smaller performance fixes to improve the efficiency and capability of our current systems here at Morrisons. 6 months ago I would never have believed where I am today, although with the help and support of my surrounding teams, I am progressing well, receiving great feedback and really enjoying this experience.

I feel that this short summary of my time at Morrisons so far demonstrates just how much you can get involved in, the scale of such projects and as a graduate just how much you can develop!

Name: Nicola
Role: Retail Scheme

If you are ready to be challenged on both a physical and mental level in an extremely fast-paced environment, where rapid change is accepted as common place, then Morrisons is most definitely the place to apply your skills.

I was placed into a store generating over one million pounds of revenue on a weekly basis with a head count of 330 people. Needless to say in my first few weeks I immediately felt overwhelmed by the level of knowledge and experience that exists within a Morrisons store environment. The expectation to match this level and exceed it in order to fulfil the Duty Manager role was motivation enough to settle into a habitual process of incremental learning. This was aided by the support systems in place that helped me to be confident enough to face each challenge that arose. Your store team will always be more than prepared to support you through any difficulty. In my experience the examples of support and guidance came from multiple sources: having bi-weekly catch up sessions with my Store General Manager to discuss development; my Deputy Manager having a cup of tea with me on late shifts to share knowledge; Personnel staff helping me to find accommodation; my Fish Manager helping me with an unhappy customer. I really felt the one-team ethic coming to the fore during the more challenging times.

The culture within the retail environment is a huge step change from office work and University life. My senior management team was very firm, synonymous with the “archetypal store manager”, yet fair. If I was out of line I was told directly, but equally if I needed support my team were ready to offer help. As a Duty Manager responsible for hundreds of members of staff, as well as thousands of customers, the responsibility handed to you is huge. Consequently, there is a need to nurture you to a level capable to handle each and every eventuality from a store evacuation to an oil spillage on the petrol forecourt. I had to learn to accept criticism and understand that it was positive and necessary to develop me as a Retail Manager. As soon as I understood this, and challenged my Store Manager to build my confidence before offering criticism, my development both as a manager and as a person grew extremely quickly.

Name: Louise
Role: Manufacturing scheme

Having completed a Modern Languages degree at University a job in manufacturing was a leap of faith, and I harboured the natural doubts about whether or not I would enjoy this new working environment. A year on though, I have put paid to these reservations; the scheme has exceeded my expectations. Of course, there were times when I felt overwhelmed at the prospect of learning so much new information, but the structure of the scheme has allowed me time to develop and build up the necessary knowledge to perform to my full potential. The scheme is broken down into a series of placements across our own manufacturing sites, with some time spent in our retail sector to provide a unique end-to-end insight into the vertically integrated business model of one of the UK’s top four grocers, and what an integral part our manufacturing capabilities play.

From the word go during my first manufacturing placement, I was given real responsibility which allowed me first hand management experience both in terms of leading a team and steering successful projects. I headed up projects focused on continuous improvement regarding production and process efficiencies, and subsequently transitioned into a production line management role. The wonderful thing about manufacturing is that there really is no such thing as a normal day: the diversity of the role lends itself so well to the personal development objectives of a graduate. Throughout, I was required to work with site senior management as well as learning from the vast manufacturing experience of colleagues on the shop floor: the manufacturing scheme is a fantastic way to grow your professional network.

Throughout my time on the Manufacturing Graduate scheme future career development has been such a key focus, and the support from the business in this regard is unwavering. Each graduate is assigned a senior leader in the business as a mentor to advise, coach and encourage, while the graduate academy offers a wealth of support during placements including graduate tailored training courses. And that is the key thing about this scheme: it prioritises personal development and progression whilst continually challenging me to achieve, and as a result I have delivered tangible results for the business which I am extremely proud of. I would recommend the scheme to any prospective graduates who want the opportunity to learn about the one of the most exciting and quickly evolving industries in the world.

Training & Profiles

Your training and development

If it’s in you, we’ll bring it out!

We do our best to bring out your talent and to help you play to your strengths. We have a huge amount of experience in helping people to make the most of their potential.

While our aim is always the same, the way we achieve it varies hugely from person to person. Our development plans are made to measure to your needs and to fit the part of our business you’ll be working within. Our focus is on hands-on development, getting you to do a real job with real responsibility from day one. But that doesn’t mean jumping in at the deep end and being left to sink or swim. Far from it. We’ll be there to help you continuously improve every single day in your career.

You can learn a lot from training courses and a lot more from feedback and guidance throughout your placements. Placements can be real roles or projects – whatever you are working on, you’ll be making a real contribution to the business from day one.

The Morrisons Academy

We’ve made a huge investment in our cutting edge Training Academy. Based at our Head Office, this unique environment is built with inspirational training in mind! You’ll attend it from time to time throughout your scheme to develop the key transferable skills which will support your career.

It’s not just about Management Development, Leadership and Presentation Skills; we also invest in the best external trainers to develop your commercial capabilities. A two day business simulation which mirrors our unique business model will give you a deep understanding of creating financial success. And as we put a real emphasis on equipping you with high quality problem solving skills, you’ll learn structured thinking techniques to empower you to deal with new, exciting and rewarding challenges.

People Management

People management is really a skill developed by doing. But there are techniques and practices that you need to know if you are to succeed. Our Coaching for Performance courses help you to develop the key skills of people management.


‘We’re all in this together’ is a recurring theme at Morrisons and proof of this is provided by our 'Buddy' scheme. Buddies are graduates from previous years who provide a support network for newcomers. There’s nothing like the help of someone who’s been there before!


You’ll also have a personal mentor. Mentors are senior managers and directors whose vast experience will be invaluable to you. Mentoring puts you in touch with senior people and in our experience, graduates just love the level of exposure it gives them… not to mention access to advice from the best in the business.

Interview Reviews


    1. Submit your CV and answer additional questions on Morrison's website 2. Invited to complete situational strengths test 3. Was successful and then invited to complete verbal and numeracy tests 4.…


    I simply uploaded my resume and after few days I got an invitation for writing online tests. It seems that they invite everyone to write online test. Online test is pretty…


    My initial video interview was recorded by myself to random questions accumulated by the computer. there was not a graduate recruitment team on the other side of the camera, rather they…


    The interview was conducted online. You will see a question and have some time to think about it (usually between 1 and 2 minutes). Then your camera and mic will start…


What schemes are available?
Supply Chain, Logistics, Manufacturing, Group Wide, Finance, Property, Buying, Marketing, IT & Business Change, HR, Retail and Technical. We also offer an undergraduate Sponsored Degree Programme.
When can I apply?
The majority of our schemes will be open for applications on the 15th September 2014, but for more details check out the individual scheme pages here.
Where can I apply?
Apply now, click here.
When does it start?
Our graduates will be joining us from September 2015 and there is the option of an earlier start date for Buying in April 2015.
What's the application process?
It starts with a short online application, followed by a values based scenarios questionnaire, verbal and numerical comprehension, video screening and finally assessment centres.
How long are the schemes?
They last 2 years with the exception of Technical and Finance, which last 3 years and Finance also includes study for the CIMA qualification. The Retail scheme lasts for 12 months.
How many graduates are you taking on?
We are looking to recruit c.140 this year.
What Qualifications will I need?
You’ll need a C or above in GCSE Maths and English, combined with at least 280 UCAS points and a 2:1 or above. Your degree subject doesn't matter, unless you’re applying for Property which requires a related degree and Technical which requires a food science related degree. HR requires relevant HR modules or placements, and ideally with or working towards the CIPD qualifications. For Retail you will need a 2:2 Retail related degree or Retail work experience.
Will I need to relocate?
We are a fast moving business and are acquiring new sites across the country. We are moving into new channels such as online and convenience and for the benefit of your own development, we require you to have a flexible approach to relocation within the UK.
Will I get any support if I need to relocate?
We will do our best to make your move as easy as possible, from providing advice on areas to live, to providing useful contacts such as letting agencies. We currently do not offer financial support for relocation however this is something we are hoping to change next year.
How often will I need to move between placements?
Each scheme will vary but rotations are generally every 4 to 6 months.
Will I go in store?
You will do a 3-6 month retail placement to help you understand how you can make an impact on what happens on the shop floor, giving you credibility and currency for the future. The retail placement aids your personal development, providing you with leadership and management experience, you could be in charge of a team of 20+ people.
What sort of training will I receive on the scheme?
Our focus is on hands-on development. Placements can be real roles or project and you’ll be making a real contribution to the business from day one. We have an award winning Training Academy and your training will be spread throughout the programme so you develop key transferable skills which will support your career.
What support will I receive?
You will be supported by a 'buddy' - a graduate from a previous year, as well as a mentor who will be a senior manager or director, whose vast experience will be invaluable to you.
What do you look for in a graduate?
We recruit in line with our values which are a can-do attitude, great shop keeping, one team approach, bringing out the best, great selling and service and fresh thinking. We live our values, pulling together as one team all sharing the same direction. These values help make us what we are. As one of our graduates the stakes are high, so it’s not enough to be just "good" you need to have great potential. We look for people that share our vision; who are passionate about retailing and understand the breadth of what that one word encompasses at Morrisons.
Why is Morrisons better than the other supermarkets?
Morrisons is made up of 'friendly people making great food affordable for everyone' and we're different because we invest in skilled, service driven colleagues; focus on fresh food; have an extensive manufacturing capability and a close relationship with British farm suppliers. We operate in a way that is not only right for our colleagues, suppliers and customers but also ensures we make a positive contribution to society and take good care of the environment.
What opportunities will there be for me after the scheme ?
Our investment in future leaders is both genuine and generous. If you've got the leadership skills, passion, integrity and drive to make things happen, then you could join our management team and gain a wealth of experience across the business.
Can I receive feedback?
Feedback is an important part of any process and by taking this on board it may help you with any future applications you wish to make to Morrisons
Do I need a full UK driving licence?
Ideally we need graduates to be flexible in their locations to get the most out of their schemes. This is compulsory for the retail graduate scheme.