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At Fidelity Worldwide Investment, we apply intelligent insight to everything that we do. So whether we’re picking stocks for a fund or selecting our next cohort of graduates and interns, we set out to make long term investments. In business, this means looking beyond financial results and talking to customers, suppliers and management. In graduates and interns, this means looking beyond exam results to discover ambition, integrity and entrepreneurial potential.

We’ve shown time and time again that we’re a business that goes out of its way to help customers realise their financial ambitions. And that same committed, honest approach also applies to how we work with each other and how we’ll work with you. As one of our graduates or interns, you can expect to develop your skills and grow your knowledge in a friendly environment where you’re highly visible and very well supported.

Whether you join us for eight weeks as an intern or two years as a graduate, you’ll receive the same exceptional training. You’ll be introduced to the intricacies of investment management and financial markets and, as you continue to learn and grow, you’ll be exposed to a whole host of different business areas, products, services and international opportunities – as well as train for accredited professional qualifications.

We offer a diverse range of graduate programmes and internships, both in investment and business-critical functions. So in addition to opportunities in Equity Research, Fixed Income and Fidelity Solutions, talented individuals have the chance to explore careers in HR, Technology, Business Management, European Sales and Marketing and Operational Management.

Be our next investment.

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