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We believe a dynamic and changing business environment requires a unique sort of person and we call them Business Technologists. Someone who is able to understand complex problems and produce innovative solutions; a good all-rounder, with a proactive, flexible approach and a commitment to delivering strong business motivation and clear communication.

Open, informal, flexible - the communication skills of our business technologists set the tone for our company. We understand that our progress is powered by our people. That’s why we employ 76,300 people in 52 countries bringing their expertise to clients across the globe. Last year, we hired more than 140 graduates to join Atos teams across the UK.

Whether you’re working towards your degree, or you’ve already graduated, your journey is just beginning. We have a range of schemes for graduates of all disciplines, so whether you decide to take a technical or business focussed route, we're with you all the way, nurturing your talent, developing your potential and powering your progress.

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Case Study


Name: Claire
Degree: Biology
Role: HR Graduate
Joined: September 2013

Having worked for Atos for over a year now, in the role of HR Graduate, I can confidently say it has lived up to all my expectations. I was originally attracted to Atos due to its Global client base and presence in the IT industry, having been introduced to the company through a careers fair at the University of Nottingham, where I was studying Biology. I was drawn to the company due to the diverse range of graduate opportunities available and the exposure and responsibility offered by such schemes. As a Science student, I thought I would be unable to follow my ambition of progressing into Human Resources, but I was wrong. Atos were unique in being open to accepting any degree discipline. It’s clear now, that it’s more about the person you are and the drive and determination you have to offer than the discipline you have studied. It’s also great to know you have a permanent career from day one - something that many other companies do not offer – you know your future is secure! Furthermore, it was evident when I first explored the opportunities at Atos and has been proven since then that the company fully invest in the personal development and career progression of their graduates; viewing them as future leaders in the business. I’m currently coming towards the end of my first year of the CIPD qualification, which like many diverse qualifications taken by the graduates, is fully sponsored by the company, with not only financial backing but practical support being provided throughout.

The past year has gone so quickly! The Atos graduate scheme is fast-paced with the opportunity to contribute to the business on a daily basis. I have been given exposure to many different areas of Human Resources including Reward and Recognition and Emerging Talent. In the HR Graduate scheme you are at the heart of Atos continually driving results and improvements. The scheme has allowed me to contribute my own innovative solutions and ideas and explore new ways of working. I have learnt a great deal and been given the opportunity to complete projects which have now been incorporated into the company policies and procedures.

For me, one of the best things about the company is the people. I have a great network of colleagues, both within HR and in the graduate community. In Winnersh, where I’m based the graduates regularly meet up for lunch or evening drinks. You also have the opportunity, through the two week induction programme, to meet graduates from around the country. I made some great friends on the induction programme and have stayed in touch with them despite being spread across the country at different Atos locations. We arrange to meet up outside of work for dinner or nights out and are currently organising our graduate Christmas party!

It is difficult to describe a ‘day in the life of a HR Graduate’ due to the variety of the role but generally I will take ownership of various improvement projects, attend team calls and liaise with managers in all the different service lines. I have been challenged with various tasks and find my ideas are always considered, I communicate with colleagues across the company and have found that at Atos everyone has an important role to play, regardless of salary scale, working as part of their own team as well as being involved with the wider team. I have met an interesting and diverse range of people and enjoy the different encounters each day brings.

A typical day in my life at Atos


Team conference call – discuss priorities, brainstorm ideas and agree next steps of key projects. Emails – I will attend to any urgent emails in my own mailbox, also checking any shared mailboxes such as Emerging Talent.


One to one meeting with Managers to cascade the latest communications from Top Level Management. Attend calls with our suppliers to check progress.


Lunch with the grads at ‘The George’ Pub. After lunch, conduct an exit interview with intern and their manager to move them onto the graduate programme. Followed by analysis of business demand for graduates, interns and apprentices – this is then presented to the HR Practice Leads to ensure they understand the requirements for their area and are happy to sign off the budget.


Stemnet call with South East region to decide which volunteering activities we have/wish to attend. Meeting with senior mentor to discuss career progression. Presentation to Senior Leadership team of time on the graduate scheme and lessons learnt. Myself and Laura (another HR Graduate) were given the opportunity for an hour slot in the leadership team meeting.

17:00 Until Late

Drinks/Dinner at the Holiday Inn in Winnersh. If it’s a nice day we can even sit outside in the sunshine! As a more healthy option I also sometimes go running in the local park with one of the grads based here.

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