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Graduate Jobs in Fashion

Job title Location Salary
Design Graduate 2015 Programme with Ford South East £30,000 + benefits
Quality Placement Opportunity with Ford South East £18,500 + benefits pro rata
Creative Business Development Consultant: Marketing & Media London, Nationwide £22,000 depending on experience + benefits + OTE + Bonus
Nottingham Trent Multidisciplinary Master’s East Midlands Course

How do you get a graduate job in Fashion?

If you are looking at this page then you have some interest in a graduate job in Fashion so it will most likely not come as a surprise to learn that the industry is hyper competitive. Due to the glamour associated with it - it's creative and involves celebrities - the fashion industry gets a large amount of applicants for a small number of vacancies. In order to land one of these vacancies you have to really want to work in fashion, it can't be a passing thought or a "I'll give that a shot" attitude.

Firstly, getting a degree was a good step. Many fashion houses will now not take on a person without a degree and something like an English degree is useful for working your way into a fashion publication.

What can I expect to be doing in the Fashion industry?

Despite the glamour, expect to do a lot of hard an unglamorous work to begin with and except it to cost you money. That's right, cost you money. This is one of those industries where there is so much competition that they can make the young interns do everything with very little or no expenses paid. The ethical issues of this are questionable but if you want to get ahead you have to expect that this is a possibility.

Career Progression

To begin with jobs could be everything from proof reading and admin to handing out promotional material on the streets. However, once you prove your dedication and diligence you will soon begin rising up through the ranks. It is a matter of the old foot-in-the-door cliché.

The Challenges

The challenges are getting in and then staying there, managing to stay afloat financially. This requires is tenacity and lots of hard work and if you can pull that off then a job in the fashion industry is by no means an unlikely prospect.

Expected Salary

To begin with very little, however after your first few months you can expect quick promotions with significant pay rises.

by Mark Towers graduate-jobs.com

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