Graduate jobs with a computer science degree

In the modern world, Computer Science graduates are a prized asset at any company because of the skills and understanding they possess. It would be almost impossible for any business to prosper without an online presence and nearly impossible for a modern company to be run without the aid of Computers and Information Technology. With the understanding and ability to manipulate computing to their advantage, the opportunities for Computer Science graduates are almost infinite.

What can you do with your computer science degree?

Having an understanding of computers, computer functions, software, networks, website building and other related talents are things that all companies need. Computer Science graduates are able to play to their strengths on these matters. The need for their talents across sectors allows Computer Science graduates to choose what field they want to work in.

However, graduates have to prove their skills. It could be that the graduate had spent time building websites for societies or creating software as part of university projects. Companies want to see evidence of this and graduates should have a portfolio to demonstrate their skills.

What can you offer employers?

Communication – Computer Science Graduates will be adept in their communication skills. Like most university students they will have been faced with projects and essays, however Computer Science graduates will also have the added ability and experience of transposing complex and technical ideas for those who do not have the same level of understanding – vital to any business.

Independent and self-motivated – Computer Science graduates will have spent a lot of time working on individual projects. This is looked at favourably by employers especially with the individual nature of the work at companies and businesses.

Numerical skills – The discipline, like other sciences, relies heavily on maths and a strong numerical understanding. This understanding applies beyond just the Computing but is beneficial to any employee especially in more business or finance related fields.

Problem solving – Lateral thinking and problem solving skills are important for being successful in Computer Science. The experience of fixing bugs, viruses or repairing website issues has developed these problem solving skills and their ability to look at an issue from a fresh angle.

Programming and building – This is one of the key things that can be offered by Computer Science graduates. Whether it is programming languages, software creating, computer functions or fixing and creating networks, businesses need all these things and they need someone who knows how it works and what to do if something goes wrong. Demonstrating this to a business can make the graduate highly valuable to the company.

Source HECSU - What do graduates do? 2013.

What employers can you impress?

As the graph illustrates, the majority of Computer Science graduates manage to find work in a related field. Areas like Computing and IT and Science and Technology are always in demand for creative and talented Computer Science graduates looking to make their mark on the technical world. It could be creating the latest piece of technology for companies like Detica or CGI or helping combat the growing threat of cybercrime, graduates need to really show they are technically gifted as well as excellent employees with appropriate social and communicative skills.

Other fields that might be worth considering are more business-related roles. This could be in fields like Consultancy, Sales, Marketing or Management. These would build on the knowledge and understanding of Computing and lead the graduate to make the product commercially viable. Many of these roles require people who know what they are talking about and know the advantages of particular types of products so they can sell them or market them to the appropriate audience.