Graduate jobs with a business & management degree

Business and management graduates are equipt with a range skills and experiences that can allow them to slip seemlessly into the professional world. Whether it is business function experience, high quality communication skills or marketing experience a Business degree is a exemplary way to demonstrate to employers that you are the real deal.

What can you do with your business & management degree?

Business and Management graduates are possibly the most prepared and versatile graduates to enter the graduate job market. Business graduates have learnt skills that can help get that first job and be ahead of the pack when they first start. These skills are broad in their nature, however have many practical applications across many sectors. Graduates that have come from a Business or Management degree should take stock of their experiences and skills as a whole and not just look for related roles in these fields.

Likewise, Business and Management graduates have an advantage. Many of the graduate jobs available require their specific skill set. If Business and Management graduates can show to employers that they are driven and ambitious and then utilise their degree and any experience they might have, they will not struggle to find employment. It is the nature of the fast paced, dynamic Business world that allows so many opportunities to be available, while Management can be a rewarding career choice where if you work hard, the career path can be fulfilling when you rise through the ranks.

What can you offer employers?

Analysis – Business degrees provide graduates with the ability to look a business structures and systems in an analytical way. These skills are not confined to businesses or organisations, but the ability to analyse data or facts and figures is a valuable skill and flexible enough to be used in other settings.

Business nous – Business graduates will have a keen eye and ear to know what is profitable, commercially viable or worth investment. Business graduates are one step ahead and understand how to make something successful and how to make money.

Communication – Much of Business is about communicating between parties. Whether it is a presentation to the board or negotiating with suppliers, proper and appropriate etiquette is vital in this field. Business graduates understand this and know how to approach and conduct themselves in certain situations.

Management – Management is much more than just handling staff, but being able to work, motivate and get the most out of staff, situations and business opportunities. Business students understand the intricacies of management and how to put them into practice.

Numerical competency – Business graduates understand that business is a numbers game. They are able to work out the figures for a business or organisation and apply numbers to real life situations.

Source HECSU - What do graduates do? 2013.

What employers can you impress?

Business graduates are very attractive as potential employees. Employers view Business graduates as able to apply their skills in any sector. There are obviously some sectors that lend themselves more to a Business and Management background; however graduates from these fields should not have to pigeonhole themselves too much early on.

Looking for jobs in Management is obviously a stand out option for graduates. This would allow graduates to show off their understanding of business functions and models, as well as showing they understand how to behave and operate in a particular environment. Business graduates should also consider roles in Retail or Charities.

Other employers that Business graduates might consider could be careers in specific business function roles. Departments like Finance, Marketing or Human Resources are readily available for Business graduates with their current skill set. These are areas that a graduate's knowledge would be vital like communication or analysis.

Graduates from these backgrounds are more than capable in pursuing a career in something like Accountancy or Law. Business graduates have the basics already, so applying for a job that might allow graduates to work towards their CIPFA or ACCA qualifications. Numerical ability, and their understanding of how businesses work, would allow graduates to pursue these careers if they wanted.