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Newcastle is a buzzing student city and it produces some great graduates that employers can't wait to snap up. Graduates from Newcastle have long competed with students and graduates from elsewhere in the country, but we wanted to find out how they differed in attainment, ambition and experience.

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Newcastle is a city that has seen massive changes in the past 20 years and with it the city can now compete with nearly any city across the country. We were interested to know with such a large student population in the city, how their students differed in terms of career ambitions, academic achievement and actual work experience. To do this we looked at the registration data of graduates from universities in Newcastle between the years 2009-2014 and looked to see what made them special.


The career ambitions for graduates from Newcastle remained on the whole in line with the rest of the country. The most popular sector among graduates from across the UK was Management and this was also the case with graduates from Newcastle. While a preference for sectors like Advertising and PR, Marketing and Banking were also present in both Newcastle and national graduates.

One minor exception, where graduates who studied on Tyneside differed to the rest of the UK's graduates was a desire to pursue a career in Human Resources. Although this was the fifth most common choice among graduates from Newcastle, Human Resources was not featured in the top 5 national direction, losing out to Finance.

Top 5 most popular sector for graduates from Newcastle

Degree Classification

Graduates from Newcastle's universities should be proud of their hard work. Graduates from these universities were awarded slightly more First Class degrees than the rest of the UK. According to our data, 10% of graduates from these universities received a First Class degree, while the national average remains 9.8%. As the 2.1s, graduates from Newcastle have even more reasons to be cheerful. 55% of graduates who studied on Tyneside received a 2.1, while the national average is much lower at 48.1%.

As would make sense, the amount of people receiving 2.2s and Pass marks is also much lower. 12% of graduates from Newcastle's universities received 2.2 and just 2% received a pass mark, with the national average being 17.1% and 3.8% respectively.

Degree classifications for graduates from Newcastle

Work Experience

Work Experience is often seen as the second part to helping a university leaver secure a graduate job. We discovered that 15.1% of graduates from Newcastle's universities had managed to gain some work experience before they left university. However, graduates from the North East city should only be slightly concerned as the number lags behind the national average of 16.6% and just behind cities like Manchester and Leeds, both on 15.2%.

Work experience rates for graduates from Newcastle

Graduate jobs and schemes by sector in Newcastle upon Tyne

Accounting Internet & Digital Media
Advertising & PR Languages
Architecture & Construction Legal & Law
Arts & Design Management
Banking Manufacturing and Production
Buying & Merchandising Marketing
Charities Media
Computing & IT Military & Defence
Consultancy Property
Customer Service Public Sector
Distribution & Logistics Recruitment
Education & Teaching Research & Analysis
Energy & Utilities Retail
Engineering Sales
Environmental Science & Technology
Finance Secretarial & Business Admin
Food & Drink & Catering Sports and Recreation
Health Telecommunications
Human Resources Training
Insurance Travel & Hospitality