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A traditional university town, Durham has long been known to produce world class graduates who can really compete in the job market and go on to climb to the top of their industries. But here at we wanted to know what made Durham's graduates so special in the eyes of the world and especially in the eyes of graduate recruiters.

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Durham and its university have long been regarded as one of the old guard of university education. This is not to say the place and its university are fusty old things, but the university is often a leading force in Higher Education and what comes with this is a very good track record for producing graduates who are always in demand.

But we wanted to know exactly what made these graduates so special. Nestled up in the North East, graduates who studied in the City are always at the forefront of applications. To see what made graduates from the city so desirable we looked at the data of those graduates who had registered on between 2009 and 2014. We looked at things like what grade they achieved for their degree, what their career ambitions were and whether or not they had managed to gain some form of work experience during their studies. From looking at these measurements for graduates from Durham, it was easy to see exactly why employers are always looking to employ graduates from this city.


Looking at the most popular sectors for graduates from a specific city and comparing them to the trends we have found nationally can be a really important way to tell us what graduates from that place are wanting to do with their careers and gives of some insight into the type of graduates that are leaving a particular place.

From this we could see a few things about Durham's graduates. Four of the most popular sectors for graduates from the whole UK were shared with the career choices from graduates who studied in Durham. These were Marketing, Management, Advertising and Public Relations and Finance. The only difference was the 28.4% of Durham graduates who wanted to pursue a career in Consultancy, this was way up on the national average of 17.1% who wanted to pursue the same sector.

Top 5 most popular sectors for graduates from Durham

Degree Classification

Durham has built its reputation on solid academic respect. Over the years, Durham has been a pioneering force in higher education and it has been able to do this on a grounding of academic prowess. With this in mind, universities with similar esteem might look to maintain their reputation by only awarding the top mark to those really special students and this can be seen with graduates from Durham.

Just 8.2% of graduates from Durham were awarded the top classification of degree, a First Class Degree. This was lower than the national average of 9.8%, indicating that graduates at Durham really had to work to get the top mark, something that employers will find very impressive for graduates that have attained this mark.

However, for an Upper Second Class degree (2.1), Durham's graduates far outstripped the national average, with 56.5% over the UK's 48.1%. This is the mark by which many employers want to see in their applicants, so this goes some way to showing why they're so attractive to employers.

Degree classifications for graduates from Durham

Work Experience

Often viewed as the counterpart to academic achievement, with the graduate job market so competitive nowadays employers want to see graduates that are able to do the job when they first start. Having work experience also indicated to employers a passion for the industry and a desire to learn more. This is another area where Durham's graduates excel. Succeeding the national average, if only slightly, an impressive 17.4% of graduates who studied in Durham had gained some form of work experience, be it an internship, placement or part time work.

% of graduates from Durham with work experience