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Colchester is home to one of the leading universities in the UK, the University of Essex. While there are many reasons that this university is so well regarded, one of the most important factors are its graduates, who never fail to impress employers. We wanted to know, what made graduates who studied in Colchester so impressive?

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The University of Essex and those who studied in Colchester are often regarded as great potential employees. Employers are always battling it out to sign up these graduates but we were intrigued to know what made these graduates so special. Was it the city of Colchester that had made them so studious and employable? Or was it the University's initiatives?

To do this we looked at the data of students that registered with from the city of Colchester. Using data from between the years 2009 and 2014, we looked at specifically career ambitions with their sector choices, what grade they were awarded for their hard work and whether not they had managed to gain work experience while they were at university.


There are many similarities between the most popular choices by graduates from Colchester and the most popular sectors chosen by graduates from the rest of the UK. It is also not difficult to see why these sectors are popular for ambitious graduates too.

The most popular sectors Colchester graduates shared with graduates across the UK were: Banking, Finance, Management, and Marketing. The one difference to the choices by graduates from the University of Essex and the UK were the inclusion of Human Resources, although Human Resources was the sixth most popular choice for graduates from the rest of the UK.

The one thing that we can read from the choices made by graduates from Colchester are that they are more inclined to business and finance related careers. The popularity of Banking for example, was chosen by 34% of Colchester graduates, as opposed to just 24.4% of graduates from the UK. This can also be seen by the omission of Advertising and Public Relations, which can be seen as a more creative field, omitted from the most popular sectors among Colchester graduates.

Top 5 most popular sectors for graduates from Colchester

Degree Classification

When looking at the difference in degree classifications from across the UK, this can be slightly tricky as there is no consensus across the UK, making them very subjective to the University who awarded them. However, with just one university in question when looking at Colchester as a place this can avoid the results being skewed.

And it appears that graduates from the University of Essex have been working extremely hard. This goes a long way to showing why graduates from Colchester are in such high regard. The city has the highest volume of Firsts in the UK, higher than any other city or region. An impressive 13% of graduates from the University of Essex and Colchester received a First Class degree, this is up on the 9.8% of graduates that received the same classification nationwide.

However, this is not just a case of awarding more people Firsts for the sake of it, as the rate of Upper Second Class degrees and Lower Second Class degrees is on a similar level with the rest of the UK. With 48.1% of graduates around the UK receive a 2.1 and 17.1% receiving a 2.2, compared to 51.7% and 17.4% from Colchester respectively. These figures for academic achievement go a long way to explain why graduates from Colchester are so impressive in front of graduate employers and graduate recruiters.

Degree classifications for graduates from Colchester

Work Experience

This is an area that graduates who studied in the city of Colchester fell down slightly. Work experience is often seen as a key component to securing employment once they've graduated. Employers are spoilt with such a flooded graduate market that they can afford to pick and choose and they like to see graduates that are either work ready and have experience of an industry or that they've have a real passion for a certain position so have sought out some experience in the field.

However, this is an area that Colchester's graduates fall down with just 11.1% of graduates having undertaken some form of work experience or internship, lower than the national average of 16.6%.

% of graduates from Colchester with work experience