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Situated in the Garden of England, Canterbury is home to two large universities. Along with picturesque architecture, this historic city has developed a reputation over the years for fantastic academia and producing even better graduates. They are always in demand from employers, but we wanted to know exactly what made graduates from Canterbury so special.

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With a historic record of students studying in the city, graduates from the city are an in-demand bunch. Whether it is the gleaming prestige of being a graduate from either the University of Kent or the Canterbury Christ Church University, their excellent academic achievement or how well they've applied themselves to get ahead in certain fields. But we wanted to know what employers saw in graduates from the city of Canterbury that made them so special.

To do this we looked at the data from graduates of both the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University when they registered on between the years 2009 and 2014. More specifically we looked at their career ambitions, what grade they were awarded for their hard work and whether or not they had managed to gain work experience while at university. We then compared these figures with national averages and were instantly able to see why graduates from the city of Canterbury we so appealing for graduate employers and graduate recruiters.


When looking at the most popular sectors among graduates from specific regions or cities, we are given an insight into the type of graduates that are produced from that place. And in this case we were given a fantastic insight into the graduates from Canterbury.

The top five most popular sectors chosen by the UK as a whole and by graduates from the city of Canterbury were exactly the same, apart from one sector. The most popular sectors chosen by graduates from the Kentish city and the UK were Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, Management and Banking. While graduates from Canterbury also chose Human Resources as a viable career option, one that does not appear in the UK's top five.

One thing also worth noting is that graduates from Canterbury are also more partial to the creative sectors, with Marketing and Advertising and Public Relations coming as the most popular sector choices by those graduates but coming in at the second and fourth most popular choices nationwide.

Top 5 most popular sectors for graduates from Canterbury

Degree Classification

Degree classifications can be a difficult barometer to use when dealing with individual universities, as there is no national consensus or guideline for universities to issue different classifications alongside. However, as Canterbury is home to more than one university, this is less of a concern when looking at academic attainment and achievement.

Looking at the classification of degrees issued to graduates who studied in the city of Canterbury, we can see that many graduates worked extremely hard during their degrees. For example, 11.5% of graduates were issued the top classification, a First Class degree, up on the national average of 9.8%. This was also apparent in the amount of Upper Second Class degrees issued. The national average of graduates who received a 2.1 was 48.1%, this is massively overshadowed with a seriously impressive 58.3% of graduates from Canterbury achieving this mark. These figures go a long way to show why employers are so desperate to offer graduates from Canterbury employment opportunities.

Degree classifications for graduates from Canterbury

Work Experience

Work experience is used by employers to separate the good from the very good. They are always keen to see graduates who have worked hard outside their academic responsibilities and sought out work experience. This shows employers two things, firstly that they are ready for the work place and will take little adapting and secondly that they are passionate about working in a particular industry.

However, this is where graduates from Canterbury fall down slightly. While the national average for graduates leaving university with work experience stands at 16.6%, graduates from the city of Canterbury leave with a meagre 10.5%, far below what is expected of them.

% of graduates from Canterbury with work experience