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Bournemouth is home to two universities both famous in their own right and leaders in their own fields. Graduates from these universities are impressive candidates for a wide range of sectors and industries, with employers always keen to snap them up. But we wanted to know what made graduates from Bournemouth so appealing to employers.

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With two large universities in the shape of the Bournemouth University and Arts University Bournemouth, the South Coast town has been long regarded as a producer of fantastic, bright and talented graduates. Employers are always keen when they receive applications from graduates who attended one of these universities, but we wanted to know exactly what made Bournemouth's graduates so appealing.

To do this, we took the data of the graduates who registered with and graduated between the years of 2009 and 2014. We wanted to know how they differed from graduates from the rest of the UK in terms of their career ambitions, their academic achievement and whether they had managed to get some work experience while they were studying for their degree. From the results there was no doubt as to why employers were climbing over each other to offer graduates from the South West town graduate opportunities.


When registering graduates are given the opportunity to choose up to seven sectors that they would like to work in. From this we can often see a trend of the sort of sectors that graduates from Bournemouth's universities would usually like to work in and how they compare nationally to the rest of the UK. What we can see from the choices made by graduates from Bournemouth is that they have a leaning to more creative sectors than graduates from the rest of the UK.

Bournemouth graduate's top 5 most popular sectors are Marketing, Management, Advertising and Public Relations, Media and Finance. This is not totally different to the national average, differing with the inclusion of Media and omitting of Banking. However, the interesting thing to note is the popularity of the more creative sectors. A staggering 40.9% of graduates from Bournemouth want to work in Marketing, while 28.5% want to work in Advertising and Public Relations compared to just 22.3% nationally.

Top 5 sectors for graduates from Bournemouth

Degree Classification

The classification that a graduate received for their degree is increasingly being used by employers to determine a candidate's work rate, aptitude and intelligence. No longer is it satisfactory for a graduate to have attended university, but employers nowadays are overloaded with applications and use degree classifications as a way to filter applicants.

But this is something that very few Bournemouth graduates should be concerned about. An impressive 11.7% of graduates from the South Coast town worked to get into the top bracket of a First Class degree, higher than the national average of 9.8%. Even better news, the graduates who received an Upper Second Class degree, the cut-off point many employers use, was a lot higher than the national average. A staggering 65.6% of graduates received a 2.1 degree, while the national average stands at 48.1%.

Degree classifications for graduates from Bournemouth

Work Experience

Alongside a good and relevant degree, employers are more and more looking for graduates with work experience. This employers shows several things: that a graduate can do the job, that a graduate understands the industry and that the graduate has the passion for the sector or industry. And it appears graduates from Bournemouth have been doing all three.

An impressive 31.7% Bournemouth's graduates have managed to source themselves work experience. This is nearly twice as much as the national average of 16.6%. For this high number of graduates it will put them in a really good position to be successful in their career ambitions.

% of graduates with work experience from Bournemouth