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Nestled in the heart of Somerset, Bath is home to two large renowned universities. Many graduates from Bath are targeted by employers for their work ready skills and high academic attainment. We wanted to know what made graduates from this famous spa town so prized by employers, by looking at their career ambitions, academic achievement and work experience.

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Graduates from both the University of Bath and Bath Spa University are seen as impressive candidates for many graduate jobs and graduate schemes. Graduates from the universities in Bath often leave their institutions ready to face the working world and can face the challenges with relative ease.

However, we were keen to discover why employers were so keen on graduates from this city in the South West. To do this we looked at the details they had submitted when registering with and particularly at their degree grade, their preferred sectors and whether or not they had work experience. This was then drawn in line with the national average and after we had done this it was easy to see why employers were clambering over each other to recruit these graduates. We looked at the data for graduates that registered on the site between 2009 and 2014.


The universities in Bath have a range of specialities and this could be seen in the sector choices made by their graduates. The most popular sectors chosen by graduates from these two universities were not totally dissimilar from the national average. These included Management, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations and Banking, both were found in the top five most popular sectors of Bath and the UK overall.

One surprise that was discovered by the graduates from Bath was the popularity of the Consultancy sector. This sector ranked the fifth most popular sector for graduates from the spa city, with nearly a quarter (24.2%) of graduates from Bath choosing it, while the sector ranked eighth nationally.

Most Popular Sectors

Degree Classification

The universities in Bath have been famed for their achievement and academic prowess. This can be seen by the degree classifications that were received by the graduates from the city. The universities there must be keen to maintain academic rigour as the amount of First Class degrees that were issued were slightly more stringent than seen across the UK. 9.3% of graduates from the city received this top mark of a First Class degree, while nationally just 9.8% received the top classification.

However, this could explain the amount of graduates from Bath that received the next grade down, with 56% of graduates receiving a 2.1 degree, much higher than the national average of 48.1%. Although, viewed together, it shows that graduates from the city were not just handed a top mark without significant hard work, something employers love to see.

Degree classifications for Bath graduates

Work Experience

Work experience is increasingly becoming vital for graduates to really compete in the graduate job market. Employers are looking for graduates with real work place skills and experience more and more. And it seems that universities in Bath have been well aware of this for some time now. A staggering 28.9% graduates from Bath's universities had work experience. This is incredibly impressive when you see that the national average stands at just 16.6%.

% of Bath graduates with work experience