Unilever - Unilever Future Leader's Programme- Finance Interview Questions & Answers

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  • Unilever Future Leader's Programme- Finance

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    Sectors: Finance

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    Interview process

    - Online Tests straight after you submit your application
    - If your application is successful you're invited to a Phone Interview
    - If you're successful after the phone interview invited to an Assessment Centre

    Phone Interview:
    - Mainly standard competency based questions. Really useful to read up on the FMCG industry, factors affecting it, what the big issues are at the moment, why do you want to do that job, what makes you a good manager, why would you be good for this programme, what makes you stand out, why finance ect. Really read up on the competition and what other competitors are doing, who they are and really why Unilever stands out from the rest. Also good to know lots of their products

    Most difficult question

    "Why do you want to do finance and the CIMA rather than investment banking or consulting?"- Difficult as you needed evidence on how you decided those careers weren't for you. Just google competency questions to give you a better idea and make sure that you have to mind experiences that show off each competency. Also don't necessarily memorise your answers word for word as you can come off as rigid and they can tell you're reading from a script.

    Interview tips

    They can tell who wants the job and who is genuinely interested in the industry as it really shows on the commercial questions during the interview. Also they only take on a small amount of graduates each year so competition is extremely high. Plus they send their interns to the assessment centre with other applicants so they ultimately have the upper hand as they have been through the same process before, sometimes the same case studies, know a lot more about the company. Don't let them try and intimidate you or put you off with how confident they are about getting the job- they don't always.

    Experiences at the assessment centre

    Assessment centre in their offices.
    - Usually roughly 6 per group but could be 4 or 8 depending on how many can attend.
    day consists of:
    - Group Task: standard group task. You're giving a point or company that you have to support for the task but you can change your point of view (they explain everything extremely well). Get your point across without dominating, give everyone a chance to speak, don't speak over people, don't stick to your point if everyone else thinks differently as it doesn't move the task along, don't be aggressive or shout.

    - Case study: you do this on your own by yourself and there's nothing you can do to prepare for this as you'll be tested on how well you can read, analyse, write down, assess and draw conclusions from a vast piece of data which changes due to what function you've applied for. You may then have to present this info to someone else, just pick out the key points. Its easy to lose time reading the entire document.

    - One on One Interview: this is the easiest part of the day and is a one on one interview with a senior manager or member of the first. This is just like the phone interview, and although they advise against it you really can use the same answers if you have to.

    Whole day lasts around 8-9 hours with lunch and usually contact you the next day as to the result. I don't think they have an exact quota of how many to put through each assessment centre, but to be honest due to the small numbers they hire I think only 1 or 2 people get through on average per assessment.

    Interview steps


    • Phone
    • 1:1
    • Group / Panel
    • Senior Management
    • Video


    • Numerical
    • Personality
    • Verbal reasoning
    • Psychometric


    • Assessment centre
    • Group excercise
    • Background check
    • Presentation
    • Competency based questions

    Rating the interview

    • How would you rate the pre-attendance information? 3/5
    • How well was the interview organised? 5/5
    • What was your overall impression of the organisation? 5/5
    • What was your overall impression of the selection process? 3/5
    • Did the interview reflect the overall values / culture of the organisation? 5/5
    • Would you recommend this company to a friend? 5/5
    • Did you want the role following your interview? 5/5

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