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  • Intern

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    Sectors: Arts & Design

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    Interview process

    My interview involved two members of staff at MPA, the Chief Executive and Press and Public Affairs Manager. Both had a table with the questions they wished to ask me and took notes as it went on. It took place in a small closed-off office (most of the office is open-plan) round a circular table (nicer than being behind a big imposing desk) and it lasted about half an hour.

    They asked me about my current situation, and why it was I applied for this internship. They asked me about times I have faced issues and had to deal with them quickly and efficiently. They asked me what I knew about the company, and what I thought were the up and down sides to working in a small team. There was very little to do specifically with my CV, though sometimes if I highlighted something from it they would go on to follow-up questions rather than just the next question on their list. They asked me what else I would bring to the company other than the typical things like organisation. They asked me what sort of people I would struggle to work with.

    Most difficult question

    A time when I've been faced with an immediate issue that needed sorting immediately.

    What I know about the company (despite me making sure I double-checked the night before, I always find this one puts on a lot more pressure, and I did not find their website wholly understandable which made this even trickier!)

    What kind of people I would struggle to work with. It may just be a personally difficult question, because I get on very well with everyone, really. But it's hard to know what you can answer that might indirectly offend them because they or someone else in the office is like that...

    Interview tips

    Make sure you thoroughly understand what the company does, as the internship involves a taster of most of the areas of the business and it will help you to actually know what they are! Always smile. They did not mind if I needed a few seconds to think of an answer, as most companies won't mind, since they know you're a) nervous and b) thinking carefully about what to say.

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    Interview steps


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    • Assessment centre
    • Group excercise
    • Background check
    • Presentation
    • Competency based questions

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