Jaguar Land Rover - Engineering Higher Apprentice Interview Questions & Answers

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  • Engineering Higher Apprentice

    5.0/5 | Interview date: May 2015 | Job offer? Yes |

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    Sectors: Engineering

    Difficulty rating 60.0 / 100

    Interview process

    Standard interview questions. Why Engineering? Explain a time where you have demonstrated willingness to learn ect...

    Interview is based on the JLR competencies.

    12 questions in 45 mins. 3 competencies where tested, 4 per competency.

    Ive gone into more detail about what the day entailed further down in the review. The whole day was quite relaxed not as stressful as I first anticipated. The staff are enthusiastic as should you be.

    Most difficult question

    No difficult questions.

    Interview tips

    The interview is the main thing that you can prepare for. Recap on work/projects that you have completed, try and find areas in you work that fit within the JLR competencies framework (because this is what the interview is based on) and know the company, it's markets, products ect. There was ample time to have a conversation with my interviewer about the company. Having done the research I was able to contribute and show my enthusiasm for the company.

    Experiences at the assessment centre

    2 groups of 12. One was the morning group and another (the group I was in) was the afternoon group. First course of action was an introductory presentation and general administrative stuff.
    Next was a light lunch where we were able to talk to some of the current apprentices.
    After lunch, straight into the interviews. Assessors introduced themselves before taking us off for a 1-on-1 interview. Standard interview, nothing to catch you out. Do your research have something to talk about both you and the company prepared.
    Next, Fact finding mission. Given a document which details a problem. Based on information provided, I was tasked on asking a number of questions to determine the fault of a product. Immediately proceeding this the assessor asks me questions about what I've found out.
    After that was a group exercise, They're looking at how you communicate with others ect.
    Finally a practical assessment. I assumed the role of a test engineer, testing a procedure. As well as carry out the procedure I had to highlight any shortcomings in the document.

    Interview steps


    • Phone
    • 1:1
    • Group / Panel
    • Senior Management
    • Video


    • Numerical
    • Personality
    • Verbal reasoning
    • Psychometric


    • Assessment centre
    • Group excercise
    • Background check
    • Presentation
    • Competency based questions

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