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    Interview process

    Initially I completed an online application which is very straightforward.

    Afterwards I then received an email regarding arrangements for a phone-call interview with the recruitment officer. The phone call consisted of mainly competency based questions all focused on the company's core values. As well as a bit of a background about yourself and why you would like to work for the company and what you already know and can bring to Enterprise. They are looking for individuals who have the ability and experience to be able to manage a branch further along the line. It is essential that you have the experience and personality to become leaders and have leadership qualities. As well as customer service and sales questions. Mainly based on your experience within your previous jobs or university for example. Therefore I'd recommend you do your research on the company and why you chose this role as well as what you could bring to the company. I then received an email stating that I passed that stage and the next stage was a face to face interview with the recruitment officer (same person who I had the telephone interview with)

    The third stage was the interview with the recruitment officer at the head office. This was around a 45 minute interview consisting of more competency based questions. Very situational questions whereby you had to give an example of where you showed a particular competency ( leadership/flexibility/excellent customer service/work ethic/communication). Very similar to the questions asked in the second stage. I then received my offer to the next stage via email which was the visit to the branch.

    The fourth stage was the branch visit followed by a one to one interview with the branch manager. The branch visit lasted 3 hours, the first two hours I was shadowing one of the employees. This stage you really got a feel of what a day is like at Enterprise. It is very fast paste, the staff there were all really friendly and i was welcome to ask questions whenever I wanted. I went out with one of the employees to deliver cars whereby I got a feel of talking to customers who I was delivering the cars to as well as was able to ask questions and was provided with a lot of information. I'd advise you to ask a lot of questions you may have at this stage about the general routine of the day at what it is actually like at the branch from an employee's perspective. The last 45 minutes then consisted of an interview with the branch manager. This again is identical to the previous interviews, whereby you are asked competency based questions and what made you pick Enterprise. This is stage where many people decide they actually would want to work here as you are told from the start it is a very fast paced job, long working hours 50+ but is a great opportunity for you to progress internally within the company. Everybody starts off as a Management Trainee which was is really nice because everyone you meet at the company has started off in the position you are. The branch manager told me then and there that he was happy to put me through to the next stage which was the assessment centre.

    Fifth stage was the assessment centre (wrote about below)

    Most difficult question

    The most difficult question I had to answer would be " After visiting the branch, what was one thing about Enterprise that you didn't like?"

    Interview tips

    I would definitely advise you to be yourself is my most important advice. During the assessment centre, you are NOT competing with the other candidates for the same location. They are simply testing you on how you work with others.

    Do your research on the company and make the most out of the branch visit to know whether you are up for this role. They are explicit from the very start that you need to be flexible with your working hours because it isn't like your normal working job. You can be working 55+ a week. It is also a very fast past job where every day is different.

    Use your experience to your advantage. All the questions are based on your previous experience and your knowledge in how you would deal with situations based on the core competencies so go over the competencies and think of answers you could come up .

    Experiences at the assessment centre

    I arrived at the head office for the assessment centre at 8:45am and met the other candidates in the waiting room (there were 11 of us) so got to talk and get to know them. We were then taken into the meeting room whereby we had a short presentation about the company and what was expected off us. We then met all of the area managers and had an icebreaker whereby we had to stand up introduce ourself, tell them a fun fact about yourself and what we could bring to the company.

    We were then split into two groups. My first exercise was role play based exercise where we was given two scenarios, we had 10 minutes to prepare our answers individually and then we had to sit in one to one with an area manager whereby they were acting as the customer and you was the branch manager. The first scenario was a customer service based on whereby the question was " You've overheard a phone call that a conversation whereby a customer is returning a car and is not happy with the rental at all. You then as the branch manager have to prepare a conversation with this customer upon their arrival ". With this question I would be apologetic with the customer and to make sure that they are happy leaving the branch. I was a little confused as to whether I was able to make the decision regarding altering the payment that had to be originally paid. However, during my feedback I was then told that the reputation of the brand was very important and that you are able to disregard them paying for a for the rental (if a reasonable amount) to ensure that they leave happy (this is essential). This question is testing your customer service skills and how you likely to be in a situation like that ( the manager will not hold back with how unhappy he is as the customer, so be prepared). The second question was a sales based whereby a customer has come in to collect a Group A car and you had to try and upgrade them to a Group B car for £10 extra per day. I received some good on this question. So I personally got speaking to the customer about why there were renting the car and fitted a group B car to their experience and why a group B car would be beneficial rather than a group A . Talking about more space, built in sat nav, bigger boot space for luggage, bigger engine size etc. However, the customer did not want to pay an extra £10 per day as they thought it would be too much. Therefore, making the customer feel as if they are getting a good deal by lowering the price is something you could do, to make the customer feel special and this would be beneficial to you as the employee as well in terms of commission. My advice would be to be enthusiastic, they are not expecting to you know the details of these cars in terms of the features but are just looking for general pointers of you as an individual.

    The next exercise was a group discussion whereby you were split into groups of about 6 people and given some information about cities and marketing expenses. you then had to discuss as a team which place you thought was be best to open an Enterprise branch. based on the information you were given you had to say why you thought this place would be a good place and the opportunities that were available in this place. You then as a group had to present this to the areas managers and explain how much you had spent. I would recommend to be quite vocal in this activity but not too much. Show that you do have some good ideas however listen to the other people in your group as well. The managers are looking for a little bit of leadership in this activity as well as good communication skills.

    The next activity was a day in the life of task as a branch manager. You was given about 30 minutes then once you'd made the schedule you had to present it to the manager and justify it, along with get asked questions which may indicate flaws that you hadn't thought of in the plan. you had to plan the schedule of two employees and you was given other information on emails regarding some maths questions and an employees not being able to turn up to work. As well as customers who had to be picked up at certain times and you had to schedule these pick ups for different customers taking into consideration how long it would take to get to the customer and back before picking up another. Then you had to present it to an actual manager and justify why you had planned this schedule in the way you had. I actually did a part of this question wrong in which I found out when the manager had told me. So my advice is to make you read ALL parts of the information provided and make sure you know exactly what you are doing.

    The final stage was a one to one interview with an area manager. They firstly asked about how you found the experience at the branch visit and the assessment centre in general. Followed by again a lot of competency based questions (very similar to the previous interview questions). They also asked if you was flexible to move locations which is again one of the core competencies of the company. So for me they asked me if i willing to relocate to the airport if they needed me to.

    Interview steps


    • Phone
    • 1:1
    • Group / Panel
    • Senior Management
    • Video


    • Numerical
    • Personality
    • Verbal reasoning
    • Psychometric


    • Assessment centre
    • Group excercise
    • Background check
    • Presentation
    • Competency based questions

    Rating the interview

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