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About EDF Group

The EDF Group is a leading player in the European energy industry, active in all areas of the electricity value chain, from generation to trading, with expanding operations in the natural gas chain. Across the globe, there are approximately 160,000 people working for us, and we get involved in every area of the electricity chain: from generation to trading.

We’re more than just a traditional energy company, however. We don’t just talk about alternative sources of energy - we actively explore them. Around the world, we’re undertaking bold initiatives; developing proactive projects; and investing heavily in tomorrow’s energies.

Leading the way in nuclear energy

In view of the need to reduce CO2 emissions, we firmly believe nuclear power has a major part to play in the future of energy and we aim to lead the way, with a focus on the UK and China.

We are, in fact, the world’s largest generator in this area. EDF Group is the world’s largest nuclear power generator. With unrivalled experience of clean, safe and efficient nuclear power generation, we currently operate 58 nuclear reactors in France and 15 in the UK; we are also decomissioning nine older plants in France. We have contributed to the construction, commissioning and operation of some of the first Nuclear Power Plants in China and South Africa and we are currently involved in the development of new-generation nuclear projects worldwide.

Quite simply, no one can match our engineers’ expertise and experience.

What does the future have in store?

The future is brimming with potential for us. Right now, we’re engaged in a major programme of development, design and decommissioning in France. We’re also focusing on building new reactors in the UK and China. 2 new reactors in Hinkley Point (Somerset) are to be commissioned in 2023. Nuclear power has the potential to play a huge part in the future of energy. We intend to lead the way.

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