Worldpay Graduate Programme - Security

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£36,000 including flexi benefits
Apply by:
10th June 2019
Start date:
September 2019
Job type:
Graduate job

At Worldpay, we’re responsible for trillions of payments every year. When you join one of our many Security teams, you’ll be liaising with all facets of the organisation and key suppliers to the business.

As a graduate in Security, you might have the chance to work as a Third Party Risk Analyst, in Policy Assurance or in Security Analysis.

Your role is multifaceted and you will gain a broad view of how best practise security enables our business to grow safely and securely. You will get to work on security risk assessments, cyber risk analytics, targeted education and awareness programmes to all our third party suppliers. If you work more on the Policy side, you’ll be designing, implementing, supporting and maintaining security policies and procedures. In our Security Analyst team, you’ll be required to operate on network security sensors that detect and prevent potential compromise to confidentiality, integrity and availability to Worldpay networks and resources.

Be curious

The demands on our security teams is constantly changing, as the business is confronted with new risks and threats every day. You must be fascinated with the evolving landscape and be curious about discovering more about security to enhance your knowledge - in order to protect Worldpay’s technology and merchants across the globe.

Be analytical

You will be constantly problem solving in order to stay on top of the latest security risks and creating plans and procedures to combat against issues that the business is facing. You will be evaluating and investigating problems and concepts to ensure safety for our global platforms.

  • You will be identifying security issues within stakeholders business units
    • You will be using industry knowledge to solve security and networking problems
    • You will be conducting security risk assessments and creating awareness/education programmes for our key suppliers
    • You will be maintaining and operating our network security to detect and prevent any potential compromise of our networks and resources
    • You will be designing, implementing and supporting our security policies and procedures
    • You will be assisting in the drive for continual service improvement across our global security teams

Meet Niamh

"It’s been a great place to start my career because of the flexibility it’s given me; it’s easy to switch to a different team or role if you realise you’re enjoying or interested in something else. It’s not a place for just sitting back, you have to be intuitive and determined. It feels like I’m valued as an individual on the scheme, not just a number."