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Hey! We’re TravelGrad, your post-uni work and travel experts committed to connecting you with exciting alternatives to the typical ‘grad job’ route we know you’re bored of hearing about.

We’re here to turn your dreams of living abroad into a worry-free, life-changing reality. Through our renowned support services, we’re not just here to make your journey happen, but to guide, support and advise you every step of the way.

Because there’s so much more to the world than what’s on your doorstep, and we’re all about helping you see and experience it.

Moving abroad isn’t as scary as it sounds with us in your pocket.

By connecting you with legit opportunities that put you over profit and guiding you through all the confusing stuff, we offer a safe and supported way to catapult yourself into the unknown.

  • Maybe you’re looking to try something new, anywhere new.

•Maybe you’re considering moving abroad but are scared to take the leap/

  • Or maybe you’re bang up for going for it but have no idea how to start.

Wherever you’re at, we’ve been there, and we’re here to help. TravelGrad’s mission is to provide a soft landing for our graduates, enabling them to make a success of their overseas adventure from day one. Since 2014, we’ve supported 500+ grads to get their journeys off the ground. And we’ve developed a heap of support services to make the whole thing as easy and reassuring as possible for our grads.

Our overseas partners can only accept applicants from the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia & NewZealand. Please only continue with your application if this is the case.

“TravelGrad was fantastic in helping me to overcome both administrative/bureaucratic barriers and the general anxieties of moving to the other side of the world. The service and support they offered was friendlier and more personal than other providers and made the whole process as smooth as could be.” — Cameron

These days, we’re offering multiple opportunities around the world — and we’re not just talking about teaching. Whatever kind of adventure you’re up for, if it involves work and travel, we’ve got you! Explore our opportunities or contact us to chat about how we can get your journey off the ground.

Thailand TEFL Taster

Whether travel, culture or teaching experience is what you’re after, this immersive 5-month opportunity has you covered. Get a glimpse of the true Thailand as you journey to a place that few grads get the chance to experience.

Korea 365

Take work hard, play hard to a new level on this intensive 12-month teaching opportunity. Join a group of ambitious Travel Grads and go all in on experiencing Korea, gaining work experience and having an amazing time.

Vietnam Grad Scheme

Nature, nightlife, delicious cuisine, friendly locals — Vietnam has it all. On this 12-month teaching opportunity, you’ll discover why western grads are flocking here in their thousands. Apply to start your adventure at any time, and expect to arrive within 3-4 months.

Japan [Rising Sun]

Teaching in Japan, made easy. Take control of your teaching adventure with our flexible teaching opportunity. Choose to work in a public or private school and apply, interview and start a job at any time of the year.

China Teaching Experience

Immerse yourself in one of the most talked-about cultures in the world on this 10-month teaching opportunity. Gain hands-on classroom experience, enjoy a front-row seat to the future and do it all alongside grads who are just as bold as you.

TravelGrad Australia

Start your Aussie adventure in a safe, supported way. Leave the VISA stress to us, and arrive in Aus with a ready-made group of mates and recruitment connections. Boom!

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Since 2014, we have been enabling graduates to live and work around the world, as an exciting alternative to the traditional ‘grad job’ route back home.

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