Severn Trent - Graduate Leadership Programme & Undergraduate Placement - Engineering

Salary: £26,500 plus stock options plus benefits plus Bonus
Location: East Midlands, West Midlands
Start date: Sep-2017
Sectors: Consultancy, Engineering, Science & Technology, Energy & Utilities


Midlands | £26,500

Become a Chartered Engineer in a FTSE 100 company

We're a fluid business. As the world of water moves forward, we're moving with it, whether we're introducing digital technology or tackling climate change. Our Engineers are at the forefront of that transformation. Together, we're finding, building and implementing solutions to some of the world's biggest challenges.

On our Graduate Programme, you'll have an impact on thousands of people and businesses, transforming and shaping lives, both today and tomorrow. At the same time, you'll pursue Chartered Engineer status in your relevant institution, by building up a portfolio of varied and inventive projects, and learning in-depth about your specialism of choice.

We're investing in new systems and programmes of work, and upgrading our sites and assets - you'll be the driving force behind those initiatives.

• Work on a wide range of projects, from asset design to strategic planning

• Experience a variety of on-site environments

• Be trusted to deliver large-scale projects early-on

• Professional development to work towards Chartered Engineer status

• Receive extensive training, from Design and Construction to Management Regulations

• Gain the combination of hard and soft skills you need to become a Technical Leader

What you'll be doing

At Severn Trent, you can take engineering in the direction you want, whether that's tackling a secondment that develops your asset design skills or getting more exposure to our Business Leadership projects. You'll also have the chance to work on major projects with our Senior Engineers. Here are examples of work our Graduates have recently been involved in:

• Flood alleviation and mitigation

• Managing the safety of dams and reservoirs

• Using telemetry to create early warning systems

• Designing new interfaces for our treatment works

• Solving pollution problems and implementing solutions on-site

• Running a number of operational sites simultaneously

• Preserve our legacy and create your own by building something new

These projects will allow you develop the technical expertise, experience and abilities you need to pursue Chartered Engineer status, as part of a clear progression path towards becoming a future leader of our organisation.

What we're looking for

• An accredited Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical or Civil Engineering degree, with any grade qualification

• A customer focus with the determination to make a difference

• Initiative and confidence to share new solutions to complex problems

• Excellent judgement when making strategic decisions

• Ability to build strong business relationships

• Flexibility to travel between locations

Sadly we have reached our target of applications for Chemical Engineers to enable us to fill our vacancies. If you are a Chemical Engineer, but are still interested in applying for a Graduate role here at Severn Trent, please consider our Business Leadership Programme.

Undergraduate Placements

Midlands | £15,500 pro rata

We also offer Summer (8 - 12 weeks) or Year-long (minimum 48 weeks) Placements. These will show you fluid thinking in action, as you work alongside highly-experienced Engineers, Technical Experts and Business Leaders, with the ability to approach complex challenges from multiple angles. At the same time, you'll:

• Establish our legacy by preserving and adding to our unique Victorian infrastructure

• Participate in life-changing programmes of work that effect thousands of people, every day

• Support and manage your own projects

• Collaborate with consultants and contractors from across the business

• Be mentored by our experts on a daily basis

If you enjoy your experience with us, and you're completing your final year of study - or have already obtained your Undergraduate degree - based on performance you'll also be eligible to apply for our Graduate Engineering Programme at the end of the placement.

To find out more and apply click here or on the 'Apply Now' button.

You'll be eligible to apply for this role if you are an Undergraduate applicant, wishing to take an industrial year placement as part of a sandwich degree course.

Sadly we have reached our target of applications for Chemical Engineers to enable us to fill our vacancies, and are currently unable to accept further applications from Chemical Engineers.