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Our client is a Pre Series-A SaaS Company with a social mission. This Company has just won 'UK Edtech Start Up of the Year' for their disruptive technology that is changing the shape of modern-day education. The Company's mission statement is #NoLearnerLeftBehind and this is because they sell a SaaS platform that helps people with learning disabilities through cognitive assessment and cutting-edge learning resources. The founder of this Company realised he learnt differently to other people at school and had first-hand experience of the challenges associated with having a learning disability. He made it his life mission to use technology to diagnose learning difficulties and support learners through online courses.

This technology has picked up huge momentum in the market and is the only company selling this type of software in its space. This technology is predicted to be mandatory in educational institutions and this company has closed 85% of the deals that it has pitched.

These two Sales Development Representative positions will be the first two that this company has hired so you will be forming a brand new team. You will report into the Head of Sales who has 15years+ in this space and is very passionate about the subject matter. The Head of Sales is a huge advocate of hiring graduates and wants to promise everyone an exceptional career path as long as they have the right attitude. This is described as a 'soft sell' because all of the leads are inbound and this is an issue that people actually care about. The roles will be remote to begin with but then you will be joining the London office.

We are looking for intelligent and empathetic graduates that want to sell something that makes a difference to society. This Company is expecting to close its Series A this year so you can expect accelerated career progression and being part of something really exciting.


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