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Beginning your career journey with Explore as an Assistant Director is your first step on an incredible pathway, there are unlimited ways that you will be able to gain new skills, master expertise and shape the future of the company with your insight and drive.

Who we’re looking for:
• Great ambassadors that are ambitious and driven
• You’ll probably be a graduate with a strong degree classification
• A minimum of Grade B in Maths and English GCSE
• You may have some experience with working with children already

Roles and Responsibilities:
Becoming an Assistant Director with us will see you taking the reins of a challenging position that requires oodles of gumption, determination and flexibility.

You might step into one of our well-established centres and make your own mark continuing to build upon the excellent reputation that the centre will already have in the local community, or you could join a management team launching a new centre in a new location so you’d be building the centres presence and position within the local community right from the very start. Variety is what people always say attracts them to the Assistant Director position, it’s also what makes it tricky to tell you everything about! Broadly speaking there are 4 key areas that you’ll be sinking your teeth into, although you can expect to find yourself doing absolutely all sorts of things!

  • Sales & Marketing – You’ll be raising awareness of your centre whenever and wherever you come into contact with the local community.
    Management & Business – You’re a capable individual so right from the start of your career you’ll be given responsibility for the business and for a team of part time staff.
    Teaching – Everything that we do as a company, every decision we make and everything that we try to achieve is ultimately for the good of our members and to always make sure that we’re delivering an incredible standard of service and quality teaching to them.
    Customer Service – Our whole company is dedicated to providing the absolute best service and highest standards that we can to the families that use us.

We deliver a vast amount of brilliant training in absolutely everything you could hope for, what we’re really looking for is for you to be willing, trainable, proactive and resilient!

You should be strong in our 7 core competencies, these will put you in excellent stead for working here, these are the things we’ll be looking for...

  • Passion – a strong desire to grow the business, to make a meaningful impact, our people are inspirational, ambitious and goal-orientated.
    Communication – everyone here is energetic, warm, positive, articulate, adaptable, credible and empathetic with fantastic interpersonal skills.
    Receptiveness – always seeking feedback, strong self-reflection is crucial to recognise your own strengths and areas for development.
    Leadership – developing into strong people managers and taking responsibility means you should be confident, driven, assertive, decisive and demonstrate strong self-belief.
    Resilience – when you’re juggling multiple responsibilities resilience is crucial to deal with setbacks and problem solve any pinch points that you encounter.
    Initiative – we love nothing more than a can do go get them attitude, we really look for gumption, in absolute bucket loads!
    Teamwork – one of our fundamental values is Family, this means embracing the collaborative elements of being in a team, taking shared ownership and a conscientious accountability for your work.

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We offer a competitive salary of £23,000 to £25,500 location weighting plus £4,400 bonus potential.

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